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Year of birth : 1940

Age: 75 years

Citizenship : United States

Clothing for the middle class

`J.Crew` - a popular American brand and apparel retail chain ,It specializes in selling clothes for middle and upper class.

The origins of `J.Crew` - company ` Popular Merchandise, Inc` and its brand `Popular Club Plan` - were founded in the late 1940s, but they were engaged in selling inexpensive clothing and organization of small home shows, however, no effect on the common market country, of course, is not provided. At the beginning of 198

0 `s hit catalogs boom, which sometimes increased company revenues by more than half. So, the experience of watching opponents, in 1983, `Popular Club Plan` released their catalog, aimed at wealthy Americans, students of private schools and business ,income that still does not allow them to get dressed in Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren). The company`s sales increased by approximately 25 % per year, and with a little innovation - printing multiple images of a particular accessory instead of one - and at up to 30 %. So,for the first five years of the company`s budget to $ 3 million crossed the bar with 100 million.

Only in 1989, the familiar throughout the country `Popular Club Plan` changed its name to ` J.Crew`, and the first store in Manhattan was opened just a few months, New York (Manhattan, New York).Soon opened several stores in other cities of America; annual profit alone stores amounted to more than $ 10 million.

In 1990, when the company`s budget was $ 400 million, an attempt to expand the market and on Canada (Canada) has been undertaken. Although some slack interest from buyers ,the company still continued to work, and even opened a number of stores in most major cities.

But the real success of the company has received only with the arrival of a new director - recently dismissed from the largest US network of `GAP` Millard Drexler (Millard Drexler). It was on his initiative the company `J.Crew` nachalaotkryvat stores in Europe;around the same time, I started an online store where customers can, without leaving home, to issue any purchase. Just a few months after taking office director `J.Crew` signed contracts with brands such as ` Jack Purcell`, `Timex`,` Thomas Mason` and `Red Wing`, as well as running a children`s clothing line.

However,Even with the advent of the Internet in the life of modern man, the company continues to print catalogs that go out 24 times a year and distributed worldwide. At the beginning of 2011 it was opened more than 250 stores around theworld, clothing made by 85 factories of the finest fabrics. The company`s revenue now stands at more than 1.7 billion dollars. Love for the brand `J.Crew` showed many American actors, people of show business and business. For example, for the inauguration of Barack Obama (Barack Obama) First Lady

United States, Michelle Obama (Michelle Obama), put gloves on `J.Crew`, and their daughter - cashmere coat. Shortly thereafter, the level of sales in all stores in the United States has increased ,and the company`s shares rose by a quarter.

According to employees, the company would not have achieved such success if at neebyl another director. Being a millionaire, Drexler never wear suits, constantly travels with visits in the country and conducts interviews for new employees. According to him,Company ` naplevat` on diplomas and certificates - they need a passionate and energetic people who are not only able to hold a huge

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