Izrail Gohberg

Picture of Izrail Gohberg

Date of Birth: 08/23/1928

Age: 88

Place of birth: Tarutino

Citizenship: Israel


Israel Hochberg was born in Tarutino colonies in southern Bessarabia family Tsudika Itsikovicha and Hai Isaakovna Hochberg - host a small printing and midwives. This settlement - is now the regional center of Tarutino district of Odessa region of Ukraine - in those years was populated mostly Swabian Germans; quarter of the population was Jewish. Hochberg studied at a Jewish school in the Tarutino, then in the Romanian school in Orhei. With the advent of Soviet power in 1940, his father was arrested and died in Pechlage in 1942 (posthumously rehabilitated in 1968). At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, thirteen Izzy with his mother and sister were evacuated to a seven-year Voroshilov district Frunze region of Kyrgyzstan, where he graduated from high school at the Vasilyevsky farm. An important role in mathematics education Hochberg played his high school teacher, Modest Shumbarsky Semenovich, who graduated from the University of Warsaw before the war and defended his thesis under the direction of renowned Polish topologist Karol Borsuk.

In 1946 Hochberg entered the Kyrgyz State Pedagogical Institute, where after the first year became Stalin scholarship. After the second year - in 1948 - he returned to Moldavia and settled in Chisinau, where he graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Kishinev State University. During the training a significant impact on the young mathematician had VA Andrunakievich (Moscow State University professor pupil AG Kurosh), DL Picos (Moscow State University professor pupil VF Kagan) and IA Itskovich (LSU professor pupil SG Mikhlin). Despite scientific advances, and graduated with honors, Hochberg was denied admission to graduate school and in 1951 he was sent to work in Soroca Teacher Training Institute.

The scientific activity in Moldova

Also in 1951 he published his first scientific paper in the field of functional analysis and are already out of forty continued to be published in the central mathematical journals of the country ( "Reports of the USSR Academy of Sciences", "Progress of Mathematical Sciences", "Mathematical Collection" and the "Proceedings of the Academy MSSR Sciences "). In 1953 Hochberg was transferred to the Pedagogical Institute in Balti, where he received an associate professor and then Head of the Department of Mathematics. Being in Balti, an external master`s thesis at the Leningrad State Pedagogical Institute. AI Herzen (opponents - GP Akilov and SG Mikhlin, 1954) and started the biggest scientific collaboration with the Soviet mathematician Mark Grigor`evich Krein dismissed from Odessa State University in the height of the campaign against rootless cosmopolitanism. Cooperation with Crane, who became a teacher and research mentor young mathematician, led to two joint monographs and doctoral thesis MV Lomonosov Moscow State University Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1964 (the opponents - SG Mikhlin, MA Naimark and GE Shilov) on the review of the Institute of Applied Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR (under the direction of MV Keldysh).

In 1959 Hochberg was invited to Chisinau, where he headed the department of functional analysis at the Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of the Moldavian SSR (then - the Moldavian branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR). He taught at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics of the Chisinau State University. During these years, he teamed up with MG Crane achieves significant results in the development of the theory of linear operators nesamosopryazh