Izrail Gelfand

Picture of Izrail Gelfand

Date of Birth: 09/02/1913

Age: 96

Place of birth: Okny

Citizenship: United States


Author of over 800 scientific articles and about 30 monographs; the head of a large scientific school. Professor of Rutgers University (1990), Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University (Moscow State University) (1941-1990), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (1940). President of the Moscow Mathematical Society (IMO) in 1966-1970.

Major works Gelfand relate to functional analysis, algebra and topology. One of the founders of the theory of normed rings (Banach algebras), which served as a starting point he created (with MA Naimark) theory of rings with involution, and the theory of infinite-dimensional unitary representations of continuous groups (so-called Lie groups), which has a significant importance for theoretical physics. In addition, the author of the fundamental results in the theory of generalized functions, doing differential equations, the theory of topological vector spaces, inverse problems of spectral analysis, quantum mechanics, dynamical systems, probability theory, approximate and numerical methods and other areas of mathematics. Author of numerous works on neurophysiology volitional movements, cell migration in tissue cultures, proteomics (the classification of the tertiary structure of proteins) and algorithmization clinical work of doctors.

Honorary member of the Moscow Mathematical Society (1971), Honorary Doctor (Honoris Causa), Oxford (1973), Sorbonne (1973), Harvard (1976), Princeton (1977), Uppsala (1977), Lyon (1984) and Pisa (1985) universities , an honorary foreign member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Cambridge, MA, 1964), the American mathematical society (AMS) (1966), the London mathematical society (LMS) (1967), the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS USA) (1970), Royal Irish Academy (1970), the Royal society of London (CSL) (1977), the Royal Swedish Academy (1974), the French Academy of Sciences (Acad & # 233; mie des Sciences, 1976), Italy (Academia dei Lincei, 1988) and Japan (1989 ), the New York Academy of Sciences (lifetime honorary member of the Academy - honorary Life member - 1999) [1], the European Academy of Sciences (since 2004