Ivar Godmanis

Picture of Ivar Godmanis

Date of Birth: 11/27/1951

Age: 64

Place of birth: Riga

Citizenship: Latvia


Ivars (Ivars) Teodorovich Godmanis was born in November 27, 1951 in Riga - the capital of the Latvian SSR.

In the years 1968-1973 he studied at Godmanis Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Latvian State University (LSU) in specialty "Physics of Solids".

In 1973, Godmanis became a Fellow of the Institute of Physics of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (according to other sources - in the Institute of Physics of Solids LSU). Since 1986, he taught at the Latvian State University. According to others, to teach at LSU, he began in 1972, worked for some time at the school and only 1986-1990 was a research fellow at the Institute of Solid State Physics. In 1983 (according to other sources, in 1984) Godmanis defended his thesis.

In the late 1980s, Godmanis began his political career in the Popular Front of Latvia (NFL) - movement proclaims the conquest of Latvia`s independence in a democratic way. According to the Latvian edition of "Hour", in 1988, the KGB has brought the republic Godmanisa kartochku- "kontrolku" as the Popular Front activist. In October 1989, Godmanis was elected deputy chairman of the Popular Front of Latvia (NFL). In the spring of 1990, after the NFL won a landslide victory in elections Godmanis was elected to the Supreme Council, headed the faction NFL.

In May 1990, Godmanis became Prime Minister of the Republic of Latvia. Until March 1991, he was part of the USSR Council of Ministers. At the head of the government Godmanis was until July 1993, thus becoming the first prime minister after the restoration of Latvia`s independence. The media pointed out that in the memory of Latvians he was the author of "the original proposals to solve the problem of heating homes of their fellow citizens-media installation of stoves burzhuek".

Work in the Godmanis government combined with studies and science studies. In 1992 goduon received his doctorate in physics and a year later graduated from the German finance and business management courses.

In 1993 Godmanis took part in the elections to the 5th Saeima on NFL list. However, the party failed, no typing needed to win 4 percent of the vote, followed by Godmanis for some time retired from politics.

In 1993-1995 Godmanis served as vice president of the company SWH-Riga (Software House Riga), and in 1994 became a member of the Board of Union Baltic Bank in Riga. In 1995 he was elected president of JSC "Latvijas Krajbanka" (Latvijas Krajbanka) and a member of the Board of JSC "Latvian Shipping Company" (Latvijas Kugnieciba).

In August 1996, Godmanis was elected to the executive committee of the Latvian Olympic Committee and in 1997 joined the party "Latvia`s Way" ( "Latvijas cels", "Latvijas Tselsh" LP). In 1998 Godmanis was included in the party list in the parliamentary elections. It was noted that he stated that "not worthy of such an honor" - after a wound was found on him at the KGB card, but has not been expelled from the party lists, and the results of the election became a deputy of the Diet. From the fight for the seat of Prime Minister Godmanis he refused (recused himself), but entered the government Vilis Krishtopans, becoming Minister of Finance.

In 2002 Godmanis again participated in the election of deputies of the Diet, but this time unsuccessfully. In the same year he was elected to the Board of Saliena Real.

In 2004, Godmanis became the chairman of the union, "the Latvian way" and later appeared in the press as the leader of the party that is most actively supported the idea of ??Latvia`s accession to the European Union and which, according to analysts Polit.lv, "has no equal in the art of difficult negotiations and weaving backroom intrigue. "

In 2006 Godmanis was re-elected. He ran as the candidate of the united list of Latvia`s First Party and the Liberal Party.

In 2006 Godmanis was appointed Minister of Internal Affairs of Latvia Aigars Kalvitis government. In spring 2007 the association "Latvia`s First Party / Latvia`s Way" (LPP / LC) Godmanis put forward as a candidate for the post of the President of Latvia, but he withdrew his candidacy in May 2007. Before the vote, the union expressed support for a non-party candidates President of Latvian Association of Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Valdis Zatlers, who as a result of elections held in the Latvian Saeima May 31, 2007, took over as head of state.

In August 2007, a joint congress of members of the association of the Latvian First Party (LPP) and the party "Latvia`s Way" was the merger of these organizations. Co-chaired by a single party LPP / LC steel Godmanis and Ainars Shlesers BOB head. It has been reported that they will work together to lead the party to the municipal and euroelections 2009, after which, depending on the individual ratings and the results of the party as a whole, a single leader of Party members will be elected.

At the end of 2007 as a result of protracted government crisis Kalvitis resigned. December 14, 2007 Zatlers said that he decided to push Godmanis as Prime Minister. Commenting on the news, Godmanis said that the president himself in private conversation asked him to take a seat at the head of government. "I Want it or not, I have to build a coalition and begin to work", - said Godmanis.

Zatlers instructed Godmanisu form a coalition, which would include five right parties of Latvia - "People`s Party" (NP), Jaunais laiks (JL), the Union "green" and peasants (MCL), "Latvia`s First Party / Latvia`s Way" (LPP / LC ) and "for Fatherland and freedom / Movement for national independence of Latvia" (TB / LNNK). However, representatives of JL refused to support the government as it is, in their opinion, was produced too quickly. Nevertheless, despite the fact that Godmanisu failed to fulfill the requirement of the head of state about the formation of a government of five parties, the president decided not to withdraw his candidacy.

December 20, 2007 Saeima approved Godmanis formed cabinet, which includes representatives of the four right-wing parties. Analysts said the heated debate around the government led to the fact that the composition of the new cabinet was the illustration of the famous Latvian proverb: "Those crabs, only in the other kulechke". The new cabinet is mainly included the names of members of the government Kalvitis` with little castling politicians from one ministerial seat to another. "

June 18, 2008 Godmanis was in severe car accident: his motorcade driving through a red light, collided at the intersection with the taxi. The Prime Minister received the temporal bone fracture and a concussion. Already on June 26 Godmanis was discharged from hospital in a few days returned to work.

During the war in South Ossetia in August 2008, Godmanis called the actions of Russian troops invading the territory of an independent state. After the fighting ended, he visited Tbilisi and met with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. After returning from Tbilisi, he said that Latvia is ready to send to Georgia its peacekeeping contingent.

Godmanis was awarded the Order of the Three Stars (1995) and a memorial sign defender barricades of 1991.

Godmanis enjoys playing tennis and music. Since 2003, he served as director and leading programs about the history of rock music Saknes on Radio SWH Rock. After the approval of the head of government, he told reporters that he will no longer carry the broadcast, because it can not combine the work of the Prime Minister with other responsibilities.

Godmanis is married and has three children.