Ivan Zabelin

Picture of Ivan Zabelin

Date of Birth: 09/29/1820

Age: 88

Place of birth: Tver

Citizenship: Russia


Zabelin, Ivan Ye (1820-1908), Russian historian, archaeologist, collector and organizer of the museum business. Born 17 (29) September 1820 in the family of a petty official in Tver. In 1828 Zabelin family moved to Moscow. Educated at the Transfiguration Orphan School, which was determined after the death of his father. After graduation in 1837 Zabelin was appointed clerks in the Armory of the Moscow Kremlin - at that time not only the museum, but also a rich archive storage. Not having received higher education, the young man, however, he decided to devote himself to historical research, search and study the documents of the life of the old Muscovite Russia. In 1840 he wrote his first article - about the departures of the royal family in the 17th century. on a pilgrimage to the Holy Trinity Monastery, which was published in the annexes to the "Moscow News". It was followed by other works. The most famous work Zabelin - Home life of the Russian people in the sixteenth and seventeenth century - came out in two volumes: Home life of Russian tsars in the sixteenth and seventeenth century and Home life Russian queens in the XVI and XVII century (ie II (ie I, 1862.). , 1872). The life of the Moscow Palace played it everyday with concrete and detailed description of the ceremonies and rituals. Being in love with the object of his study - the life of the past, the author, however, did not idealize the pre-Petrine times. Zabelin wrote: "Life is the pre-Petrine society does not represent anything that could capture our imagination. In lean soil tribal and family relations become vain to look for those juicy fruits public, which is so rich in the lives of other people. " Therefore, his book was greeted with a cool and Slavophiles, and their opponents of "Westernizing" camp.

In 1848 Zabelin was appointed assistant archivist, in 1855 - the archivist of the Moscow office of the palace. In 1859, he became a staff member of the St. Petersburg Archaeological Commission, seriously engaged in archeology, for 7 years excavated Scythian burial mounds in southern Russia in the Dnieper and on the Taman peninsula.

Zabelin great merit in the establishment of the Historical Museum in Moscow. From 1872 he was a member of the commission on the construction of the museum building, and in 1884 was appointed deputy chairman of the museum (the chairman was the governor of the Moscow Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich), thus becoming, de facto leader of the museum and organizer of its museum collections.

All my life I was engaged in collecting Zabelin. His collection includes manuscripts, maps, icons, prints, numismatic signs, extensive library. The collection, in accordance with the will of the owner, was transferred to the Historical Museum.

In 1880 Moscow Duma Zabelin appointed leader of the group for writing the history of Moscow. In connection with the preparation of this edition came out a number of works of the scientist: Materials for the history, archeology and statistics Moscow (parts 1-2, 1884-1891.) Oprichny palace of Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich (1893) and others, and in 1902 - the first part. his famous book History of Moscow, for which the author was awarded the gold medal of the Moscow archaeological society. The second part has remained in manuscript.

Zabelin died in Moscow on December 31, 1908. He was buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky.