Ivan Vyrodov

Picture of Ivan Vyrodov

Date of Birth: 08/23/1926

Age: 90

Place of birth: a. Gajewski

Citizenship: Russia


Born August 23, 1926 in the village Gajewski Egorlykskaya district of the Stavropol Territory.

He graduated from the school in 1942, in the autumn of the same year, volunteered for the Red Army. The war ended in May 1945, the liberator of Prague (Czechoslovakia). In 1950 he was demobilized and entered the Physics and Mathematics at Rostov University. According to the distribution of young specialists in 1955 was sent to a teacher of the department of physics at Rostov-on-Don Institute of Civil Engineering, where he defended his thesis in technical sciences in 1959. Since 1961, Head of the Department of Physics at the Kuban Agricultural Institute, and since 1965 - Head of the Department of Physics at the Kuban State University of Technology. Since 1996 - the professor of this department. Getting creative activities devoted to the physical and chemical bases of processes of hydration and solidification of mineral binders systems. The outcome of the directions set out in the five-volume work, zadeponirovannom in VNIIESO in 1985-1986 gg. and some have been used in the defense of the doctoral dissertation (1969). Materials have repeatedly reported in the Proceedings of the International Congress of cement chemistry, as well as in periodic domestic and foreign press. In parallel to this direction it developed the second direction, devoted to heat and mass transfer at the boundaries of mobile phase transformations. With the help of the group analysis of the laws of motion are set in front of a wide class of problems. Generalization of the Hadamard algorithms and Predvoditeleva possible to establish the most general terms (differential equations) on the front, as well as to classify the tasks by the presence of strong and weak discontinuities at the front.

In the depths of these two areas since the mid-eighties formed axiomatic direction of phenomenological thermodynamics of irreversible processes (FTNP). The integral variational principles FTNP published in the IIHF since 1980, in the materials of foreign and domestic conferences (Sat "Thermodynamics of irreversible processes." - M .: Science, 1987). And others are currently under study in the direction of establishing the existence of non-equilibrium conditions thermodynamic potentials for nonlinear phenomenological kinetic equations. Potematike University received a grant "Mathematical modeling of industrial grain preservation techniques in the flow of the gas-vapor medium" 1996 - 1997 years.

By dimensional analysis and similarity theory received preliminary encouraging results, published in periodicals. In a submission to the rank of "Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation" was given to this characterization: "Professor Vyrodov IP has the rare gift versatile erudite scholar, embodying the skillful organizational skills to guide science and educational process in numerous collective of the Institute of the department headed by him" . It has 14 national awards, including the Order of the Patriotic War II degree. He has published over 600 scientific papers.