Ivan Vagilevich

Picture of Ivan Vagilevich

Date of Birth: 09/02/1811

Age: 54

Place of birth: Ash-Gorishny

Citizenship: Ukraine

Curriculum Vitae

Together with M. Shashkevych and Yak. Golovatsky (TN. "Russian trinity") made in Galicia in the 1840s, with the idea of ??the Ukrainian national liberation, just as in the Ukraine Dnieper were Shevchenko, Kulish, Kostomarov and OE

His literary career began with poetry ( "Madey" and "Zhulin i Kalina") and prose translation "Lay" as a Ukrainian (published in 1884) and the Polish (published in 1986) languages. Was carried away shortly Ivan Vahylevych and scientific work on Prosody refused. The most famous works of Ivan Vahylevych - "Notes on Ukrainian literature" (in Ukrainian "Zam