Ivan Stavitskiy

Picture of Ivan Stavitskiy

Date of Birth: 1873

Age: 93

Citizenship: Russia


In 1902 he graduated from the Nicholas Academy of Engineering, and then served in the Amur Military District. During the Russian-Japanese war, he was under the command of a military engineer Gen. Velichko and Laoyanskie erected fortifications. He finished the war the corps engineer 4th Siberian Corps in the rank of lieutenant colonel. During the First World War - a colonel and chief of engineers of the 11th armiigenerala Selivanov during the siege of Przemysl in 1914-1915. In 1916 - the chief engineer of the 8th Army, General Brusilov. Major-General - for the preparation of the Brusilov breakthrough in May 1916

The Volunteer Army from the end of 1918 are in control of the chief military posts and for some time was the deputy chief of the Military Engineering Management. Lieutenant-General. First, in August 1920, General Wrangel Stavisky appointed General Chief of Army supply (in place of General Vilchevskaya). "New .nachalnik supply - wrote General Wrangel - successfully carried out his duties to the abandonment of the Crimea" *). In December 1920, General Wrangel appointed General Stavisky its representative in Bulgaria, in connection with which he moved to Sofia. V1925, the lack of funds for the office was closed, and the general Stavitskiy moved to France where he worked for many years as an engineer. Simultaneously chitalkurs lecture "Engineering defense, states" at the University .voenno-scientific courses of General NN Golovin in Paris. He died in Cormeilles-en-Parisis, near Paris, February 5, 1966 buried at the Russian cemetery of Saint Genevieve de Bois.