Ivan Ryjov

Picture of Ivan Ryjov

Date of Birth: 12/25/1913

Age: 90

Place of Birth: Green Sloboda,

Citizenship: Russia

memory of Ivan Ryzhov

In Moscow on 92 th year of life died Ivan Ryzhov, an actor whose career began in the mid-30s in the Moscow Theater of the Revolution. In the movie, he came before the war - in 1939, played in the film of Captain Soroka "Kuban". Since 1940, he worked constantly in the studio "Soyuzdetfilm" (later - Studio Gorky.). Many viewers Ryzhov remembered for his collaboration with Vasily Shukshin - in "Kalina red" actor played the father of the heroine. Other notable films were "Stove-shop" "He lives a guy", "Gloom-river", "White Bim Black Ear," "Big Break" and "Return Budulai". For years Ryzhov was one of the regular cast of the satirical magazine "wick". His recent film credits was the picture of "Pioneer Mary Pickford", filmed in 1995. In 1980, Ivan Ryzhov was awarded the title of People`s Artist of the RSFSR.

Yevgeny Zharikov, actor: "Ivan was a bully and a mocker"

We were in one theater actor for many years. Close friends we did not because we were in the theater more than three hundred actors. Ivan knew many anecdotes, pohohmit knew and loved, and could make a row in an amicable way. In addition to the theater, we often met on the dubbing, and although he had a peculiar voice, he often just "Gurgurov" in the crowd. For a long time nobody was necessary, because the image of a young man he had some inarticulate. As an actor, he became known after forty, once close to the image of his grandfather, and then he started shooting. Iuzhe the established actor, he managed to play in more than one hundred films. it is best to "old man`s" image appeared in "Kalina red". He was in general "Shukshin an actor" as Burkov and Kuravlev and Vanin, - Vasyl Kravchuk loved them and always tried to find at least a small, but significant role. Ivan was a very cheerful person, I have never seen him in dismay, he had some special sense of humor, which always appear suddenly and out of place. A good man he was, God rest his soul.