Ivan Kripyakevich

Picture of Ivan Kripyakevich

Date of Birth: 07/07/1886

Age: 80

Citizenship: Ukraine


Willow & # 769; n & # 769 Kripyake; HIV (Ukr Ivan Krip`yakevich.) - Ukrainian historian, academician of the Academy of Sciences (1958), Honored Worker of Science of the USSR (1961).

Born on June 25 (July 7), in 1886 in Lviv. In 1908 he graduated from the Lviv University. Since 1911 member of the historical and philosophical section of the Scientific association named after Taras Shevchenko, in his work was influenced by the head of the Shevchenko Scientific Society and his teacher Hrushevsky. After the annexation of Western Ukraine to the USSR in 1939 Ivan Ivan Krypiakevych became a professor and chair of history of the Lviv University. V1947-1948 he worked in Kiev. In 1948 he received dozhnost senior researcher of the Museum of ethnography and art crafts Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Lviv. In 1951 he became head of the department of the history of the Ukrainian Institute of Social Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences in Lviv, from 1953 until the death of the director of this institute.

Ivan Krypiakevych mainly dealt with the history of Ukraine the period of feudalism. In a Soviet period of developing, mainly history of the war led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

Died April 21, 1967 in Lviv. Buried on Lychakiv kladbische.V 1991 were renamed in his honor Kolhoznaya Street in Lviv, and in which is a part of Lviv city Vynnyky - the street Krupskaya [1]. In 1993, the Institute of Social Sciences, which he headed, was renamed the Institute of Ukrainian name I.Kripyakevicha.

Son Ivan Ivan Krypiakevych novel also became a historian.

Major works

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