Ivan Kortazzi

Picture of Ivan Kortazzi

Date of Birth: 07/10/1837

Age: 65

Place of birth: Ishmael

Citizenship: Russia


In 1858-1862 he studied in the department of geodetic Nicholas General Staff Academy.

In 1860-1862 he passed astronomical and geodesic practice at the Pulkovo Observatory.

In 1862 he was appointed to the Caucasus, where producing astronomical and surveying work.

In 1866 he was elected an associate astronomer at Pulkovo Observatory. In 1867, an expedition to Eastern Thrace to determine the most advantageous areas of continuing Russian degree measurement of the meridian.

In 1872 he was appointed director of the Nikolaev Naval Observatory.


* Insignia of the Military Order of St. George (for the difference in the defense of Sevastopol)

Scientific work

* 1881 - Kortazzi IE reflective tool Repsold. Spb., Univ. Marine M-va, 22, 1l.ill. (Otd.ott. From Sea collection number 5).

* 1886 - Kortatsii IE Observations by horizontal pendulum Rib-Pashvitsa to Nikolaev Observatory. Spb., Steam skoropechatnya PO Jablonski, BG 9 (Otd.ott. Of Math. Eng. Astron. Islands, Issue 5).

* 1891 - Kortazzi J. Hilfstafeln zur Berechnung tsrtlicher Ephemeriden fur die Zeitbestimmungen nach der Zinger