Ivan Grave

Picture of Ivan Grave

Date of Birth: 11/25/1874

Age: 85

Place of birth: Kazan

Citizenship: Russia


Born November 25, 1874 in Kazan, in the family of hereditary nobleman, the superintendent of the Astrakhan military hospital, Lt. Col. Platon Ivanovich Grave and Julia Alexandrovna Belova.

He graduated from the Mikhailovsky Artillery School in 1895, and the Mikhailovsky Artillery Academy in 1900. Since 1904, he taught in the home of the Academy. In 1912 Graves was awarded the rank of colonel of artillery. In 1915, after experimenting with prototypes of rockets, he first proposed the use of missiles last long pressed Checkers smokeless pyroxylin powder. In 1916, he invented the combat rocket smokeless powder - a prototype of the later missile.

In 1916 they were patented and ispytanyizgotovlennye Shlisselburgsky gunpowder factory cylindrical Checkers of pyroxylin mass diameter of 70 mm. Patent confirmed in 1924.

In 1918 he participated in the organization of the Red Army Artillery Academy, where he worked until 1943 Head of the Training Division and head of the department. He became a doctor of technical sciences in 1939, professor in 1927, a full member of the Academy of Artillery Sciences from 1947 to 1953, the rank of Major-General engineering services was awarded in 1942. In 1918 he participated in the organization of the Red Army Artillery Academy, where he worked until 1943 head of the training department and the head of the department. He is one of the founders of the Soviet school of interior ballistics all his scientific authority supports the development of missile technology.

The first time he was arrested in 1919, but four months later released. Consistently engaged in lobbying the development of missile technology, and therefore restless for the party bureaucracy, Professor Graves was arrested again in 1938 under the pretext of typical charges of participation in a "counter-revolutionary monarchist officers` organization" and of spying for Germany.

Grave, fortunately, we did not shoot right away, and it saved his life. February 23, 1939 at the Kremlin reception in honor of the Red Army Day, Stalin suddenly drew attention to the fact that the old guard of scientists for some reason there is only one professor Drozdov. The leader asked: "Where is the other luminaries - Grave, Barkalov Fedorov, Helvius ..." After all, Stalin ordered the release, Ivan Platonovich returned the documents and announced that he is free.

After his release from prison Grave she continued teaching and research activities. As a result of his efforts, conditions were created to engineers RNII Gwaii I., L. E. Schwartz, YA Pobedonostsev, VA Artemyev and others continued to work to create a launcher rocket launchers.

In 1952, Ivan Rakhmanov arrested again - this time under the pretext of "exposing a conspiracy" in the Main Artillery Directorate. I release him already Stalin`s death March 5, 1953.

Ivan Rakhmanov died in Moscow in 1960, at the age of 85 years.