Ivan Goremikin

Picture of Ivan Goremikin

Date of Birth: 08/11/1839

Age: 78

Place of Birth: Lower. Novgorod

Citizenship: Russia


He was Commissioner of Peasant Affairs in the Kingdom of Poland, since 1866 the vice-governor of Plock, 1869 Kielce. Since 1873 he served in the Ministry of Interior. In 1882 he was appointed Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the 1st Department of the Senate, in 1884 - the chief prosecutor of the 2nd Department. In 1891 Goremykin was appointed Deputy Minister of Justice, in 1894, he was appointed a senator and a control part of the landmark; 2 [14] April 1895 - Assistant Minister; 15 [27] October, 1895 - October 20 [November 1] 1899 - Minister of the Interior. He continued the reactionary policy of his predecessors - and D.A.Tolstogo I.N.Durnovo. After his dismissal from the post of the Minister appointed a member of the State Council.

On the eve of the opening of the I State Duma, Goremykin was appointed Chairman of the Council of Ministers (22 April [5 May] 1906). Before the dissolution of the Duma 8 [21] On July 1906 he was busy fighting with her, speaking out against the draft law on ministerial responsibility to the Duma, rejecting agrarian reforms. Simultaneously with the dissolution of the Duma Goremykin he was dismissed from the post of the Prime Minister and replaced by Stolypin held in his office as Minister of the Interior.

In 1914, he was re-appointed Chairman of the Council of Ministers. During the First World War, his activities hampered attempts to find a compromise between the bourgeoisie and the autocracy. Being an implacable opponent of concessions IV State Duma, made its dissolution 3 [16] in September 1915 At the insistence G.Rasputina was replaced as President of the Council of Ministers B.V.Shtyurmerom (10 [23] in November 1916). After the February Revolution of 1917, he was questioned by the Extraordinary Commission of the Provisional Government, but was released and went to the Caucasus. He was killed during a robbery at his summer residence near the suburb (now city) Sochi.