Ivan Gluhov

Picture of Ivan Gluhov

Date of Birth: 09/13/1955

Age: 61

Place of birth: a. Glukhovka

Citizenship: Russia


Ivan Glukhov was born September 13, 1955 in the village of Glukhovka Pichayevsky District of the Tambov region. After the army Glukhov moved to Moscow and began to serve in the police in 1976. In 1980 he graduated from the High School under investigation MIA USSR, specialty "Jurisprudence".

In 1983, Glukhov became the senior investigator of the investigation department of Internal Affairs of the Kirov district executive committee in Moscow, and was appointed deputy head of the investigation department of the Internal Affairs of the capital Gagarin district executive committee in 1988.

In 1993 Glukhov was appointed deputy chief of the Internal Affairs of the Eastern Administrative District (HLW) in Moscow - the head of the investigation department. In December 1999, he transferred to the Moscow police, occupying the post of chief of the Main Investigation Department (GUS), the Moscow police - first deputy chief of the police department, since 2001 - the deputy chief of police.

In 2002, Glukhov became the candidate of psychological sciences, with a thesis on "Psychological features of the person and professional work of investigative bodies of heads."

In 2007, the name of Glukhov appeared in the press in connection with his attempts to initiate criminal proceedings against the lawyer Pavel Astakhov. According to Glukhov, a novel Astakhov "Raider" defaming the honor of the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: in particular, the head of the Moscow GSM outraged references in the novel to hire "the boys from the Main Investigative Department" who "for a very modest fee ... could open a criminal case, conduct search and destroy completely all the protection of victims of the system. " However, the prosecutor`s office found no corpus delicti in the "Raider" and refused to institute criminal proceedings.

In April 2010, was made public prepared by the United States for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Government Commission (Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe; the head of the - Senator Benjamin Cardin (Benjamin L. Cardin)) a list of persons involved in the death of lawyer group Hermitage Capital Management Magnitsky who died in prison in November 2009. Glukhov, alongside a number of other members of the MUP, entered the list.

In June 2011, in accordance with the law "On Police" Glukhov was recertified and the decree of the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was appointed deputy head of State Ministry of Interior in the city of Moscow - Head of the Moscow GSM.

In October 2011, one of his subordinates Glukhov, an investigator for particularly important cases of Nelly Dmitriev, also, according to some reports, enter the "Magnitsky list" (the Interior Ministry claimed that the case is not linked to Magnitsky`s), he was arrested on suspicion of corruption. Dmitrieva herself claimed that she in no way to blame, and that from it "just want to make the extreme" that it "gave evidence at his chief Ivan Glukhov."

October 17 media reported that after the arrest Dmitrieva Glukhov was summoned for questioning by the Investigative Committee, after which the written resignation at his own request. Glukhov himself denied this information. 25 January 2012 Head of Research Affairs of Moscow Vladimir Kolokoltsev reported severe reprimand, announced Glukhov Minister of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliev for "serious shortcomings in the organization of the CSO," Glukhov and offered to take "appropriate decisions". After that, as written in the media, the head of GSU filed a report about the holiday, after which, presumably, was to follow the resignation. February 17, 2012 the court decided to release Dmitriev from custody on bail due to health problems, as well as due to the fact that it is, according to the TFR, "actively cooperated with the investigation and fully acknowledged his guilt." Glukhov himself on February 22, contrary to the rumors about the resignation, went to work after the holiday.

Glukhov was awarded the Order of Honour (1998), medal "For faultless service" I, II, III degree (2002), the medal "For valor in service" (2003). In addition, he was handed a premium weapons (2001 and 2003), and in 2006 he was awarded the honorary title "Honoured Lawyer of the Russian Federation." As of autumn 2011, Glukhov wore the rank of Major General of Justice.

We have a son, Denis Glukhov, which the press called a close friend of Maxim Kagan (Koganskogo) - a former employee of the central apparatus of the Interior Ministry, which is January 17, 2012, was detained on suspicion of having brokered the transfer bribes Nelly Dmitrieva.