Ivan Gasparovic

Picture of Ivan Gasparovic

Date of Birth: 03/27/1941

Age: 75

Place of birth: Poltar

Citizenship: Slovakia


Complete surprise to many political scientists are the results of the second round of presidential elections in Slovakia on 17 April. The victory of the Democratic Movement Chairman and former parliamentary speaker Ivan Gasparovic, who collected 60 percent of the vote. His opponent was former Prime Minister Vladimir Meciar, who is said to adhere to nationalist views. By the way, after the first round Meciar was the leader. It is very wary of NATO, which recently entered Slovakia, and the European Union, of which it will be in May.

With the election of President Gasparovic is not easy to have rules of the Cabinet headed by Mikulas Dzurinda. Gasparovic has repeatedly stated the need for the government`s resignation, which makes the tough economic and social reforms are not popular among Slovaks. In the ruling coalition have heard the voices of the need to dismissal Dzurinda. However, according to the Constitution of Slovakia in the hands of the president`s power a bit. He performs representative functions and can only indirectly put pressure on the government. For example, to postpone the signing of the law and the appointment of ministers to delay the procedure.

Gasparovic was the third president of Slovakia after she was "sold" to the Czech Republic, and the second - elected in direct elections. Gasparovic `53. He has a law degree. Married.