Ivan Gardner

Picture of Ivan Gardner

Date of Birth: 09/12/1898

Age: 85

Place of birth: Sevastopol

Citizenship: Russia


Ivan Gardner (9 (22 December) 1898, Sevastopol - February 26, 1984, Munich) - historian, researcher of Russian church singing, Orthodox regent. In exile since 1920. A graduate of the Orthodox Theological Faculty of the University of Belgrade. Doctor of Philosophy, University of Munich them. LMU, where since 1954 for 30 years, read Russian liturgical musicology. As a member of an international commission to study the Ancient Monuments of music at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

Church singing - practically and theoretically - worked with 14 years of age. In Russia, he graduated from the regent courses in Belgrade, along with the University Music School held a course (choral matter, composition).

IA Gardner - author of numerous scientific and popular articles on church music (scientific works exclusively in the German language) and two large works (in German) on the ancient Russian bezlineynym notations. He owns and articles on liturgical matters. Released in 1977, the fundamental two-volume treatise "Liturgical Singing of the Russian Orthodox Church", dedicated to the history of church music, is a generalization of centuries-old experience of study Russian liturgical singing, so far has no analogues on the breadth of the theoretical approach and is an indispensable source of study of church music for many regents, songbirds, scientists and amateurs of Russian church singing.

IA Gardner owns a number of choral treatments of ancient chants (including "" Worthy "King Theodore"), as well as copyright works (some of which are issued on records).


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