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Citizenship: Russia

In prison, dream magic dreams

To Lenta.Ru: Why do you do c Artem came to Independence Square?

- Ivan Gaponov: I arrived at the "October" metro station is not far from the square "Independence". People have decided to walk along the avenue. It was great - all smiling and cars honked melodies.

And yet, from what reasons?

- Do I understand the writer. I write a good book. I write the truth in them. His lyrical, without encroaching upon the Truth. But the truth. So I could not be there. I decided a long time ago. I was there for the sake of art. You can talk more about some considerations, but what if the motif "I came back because it was a holiday" certainly less than the motive "for the love of art."

You saw how broke windows in the building of the government? To participate in this?

- As I approached the door of the Government House, the glass already beaten. It seemed to me, was beaten for a long time, because the inside of the building was professional, with elements of lyrical digressions, barricaded. I, of course, this did not take part, I stood by and watched. Then he ran to the guys in armor and drove people away from the door, I found myself among them. So I got into the front ranks :) (interview with Artem agreed to give only by e-mail and used the responses emoticons - note "Heathcliff!".).

I, too, then stood near the door, but when he came to riot, withdrew quietly and paddy missed. Those who turned to the police for some reason did not go Piglet between Lenin monument and doors. That`s why you are gone?

- Special Forces came and went, then came back. Between all points of maximum 10 minutes have passed, if not less. Well, maybe he`s gone forever. He also has come to "mobs are not broken in the Government House," and the people they left, remained standing just where he stood. Why would I in the government building?

What exactly happened is your detention?

- Like most people who were detained that night. We were "encircled", which narrows, forcing people to go in one direction by application in paddy wagons. We - that`s about five hundred people.

What is it - be in the Belarusian prison? Tell me more about the conditions of being there?

- Well ... the jail and detention center were the first time for me. "Have you ever wanted a lawyer?" - Joking with friends so. It`s hard to compare - there is nothing. We had no experience. The prison as a prison. But, if you believe the people talking about us, "Volodarka" (jail