Ivan Egorov

Picture of Ivan Egorov

Date of Birth: 07/25/1915

Age: 75

Place of birth: a. Most Sadovka

Citizenship: Russia


After the end of the seven-year Ivan Egorov he studied at Kuznetsky Teachers College, in 1932-1934 he worked as a teacher in the school Annenkovskoy peasant youth. Then he studied at Kazan University, graduated in 1939 and was accepted into graduate school.

In 1943, a young teacher begins to work in the Penza State Pedagogical Institute. One academic year (1955-56), Ivan Petrovich worked at the Penza Agricultural Institute, in 1956-1958 - at the Gorky Institute of Education and the university, and again returns to the Penza State Pedagogical Institute.

These years were very significant for the young scientist: in 1945 he becomes the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, in 1956 defended his doctoral dissertation and became a professor in 1957.

In the years 1977-1979 Egorov taught at the University of Mordovia, and from 1979 to 1988 and again works in PSPI.

It is in this school, heading the department of higher mathematics, Egorov created Penza mathematical school movements in generalized spaces. Since 1960, the Graduate School functioned under his leadership the institute.

More than 70 scientific works of the scientist widely known and recognized not only in the USSR, but also abroad, prompting the emergence of new research in Japan, Romania, the United States and other countries.

In 1970, Ivan Petrovich Yegorov was awarded the title of Honored Worker of Science. Twice he was elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, was a member of the Standing Commission of the Council of the Union of the Supreme Council for Youth Affairs, awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor.