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Date of Birth: 07/04/1764

Age: 59

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


In the years 1791-1797 he served in Ivan Dolgoruky Penza deputy governor. He took part in the apparatus of civil and criminal chambers, to improve the farming system and the control state-owned economy. He introduced breech maintenance of children of poor nobles in schools. Service Prince Ivan combined with literary and theatrical activities. Penza Dolgoruky has created a "philosophical ode" "Fireplace in Penza," originally printed in the private press, NE Struyskogo, poetic messages "on Switzerland", "On the fate", included in the collection "Genesis of my heart, or Poems of Prince Ivan Mikhailovich Dolgoruky" (1802).

Ivan Mikhailovich left a memoir, "the temple of my heart, or dictionary of all those people with whom I was in a different relationship in my lifetime." Some chapters of the book are devoted to Penza, Ramsay, Bessonova, Ruzaevka. In the "Journal of the Moscow trip in Lower 1813" a separate chapter devoted Dolgoruky Penza province, calling it "the edge of the fruitfulness of our kingdom."

Penza on the initiative of Prince Dolgoruky came first theater "noble amateurs", for it was built the building, where a November 24, 1493 the local nobles staged plays.

About creativity Dolgoruky spoke highly AS Pushkin, named him "a poet, not quite yet otsen

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