Ivan Davydov

Picture of Ivan Davydov

Date of Birth: 07/15/1794

Age: 69

Place of birth: s.Zelenitsyno

Citizenship: Russia


Born in s.Zelenitsyno Tver province July 15, 1794. He studied philosophy and physics and mathematics faculty of Moscow University. In 1815 he defended his doctoral thesis about the transformation in the sciences, produced by Bacon. The work was published in the "Bulletin of Europe" magazine (1815). Dadydov actively collaborated with the magazine by publishing it in his articles and translations. Since 1821 - Professor of the Moscow University. Since 1831 he headed the Department of Russian Literature of the University. In 1847-1858 - Director Chief Pedagogical Institute in St. Petersburg. In 1841 he was elected an academician. Teaching and literary activity Davydova had an impact on the formation of Russian romanticism were D.V.Venevitinov Vl.F.Odoevsky and among his pupils. In his philosophical views were close to Schellingism, "preferring to guide Schelling English subjectivism, sensationalism French and German pre-Kantian dogmatism" (GG Shpet). For philosophical position Davydova characteristically strong convergence of philosophy and psychology, up to the identification of these disciplines, "philosophy as a science is psychology, leading to the discovery of unity in knowledge and being." These ideas Davydov gave grounds Shpet characterize his views as "psychologizing Kantian position with supranaturalistic bias ... and Schellingism". Davydov was the author of textbooks on philosophy and other humanities disciplines: management experience to the history of philosophy, 1820; The initial foundations of logic, in 1821, and others.

Davydov died in Moscow on 15 November 1863.