Ivan Burtsov

Picture of Ivan Burtsov

Date of Birth: 04/12/1795

Age: 33

Citizenship: Russia


Of the nobility of Ryazan province (the estate: a large or Pronsk, Dr. Soha Pronsky County..). He was educated at the Moscow university boarding school. Including the service since 1802, a member of the Patriotic War of 1812 and foreign campaigns, warrant officer in the army - 30.07.1812, defined in the quartermaster - 06/02/1813, attached to the housing PA Tolstoy, for the difference in foreign campaigns of 1813-1814 (Dresden, Donau, Kaytitse, Plauen, Hamburg) is transferred to the Guards General Staff and was awarded the Order of Vladimir 4 tbsp. with a bow - 08.01.1814, Lieutenant - 03.06.1816, Lieutenant - 12.08.1817, Captain - 08.30.1818, transferred to the Life Guards regiment of Moscow with the appointment of adjutant to the Chief of Staff of the Army 2 PD Kiselev - 12/03/1819 Captain - 10.12.1819, appointed composed for special assignments at PD Kiselev - 07/03/1822 Colonel - 28/07/1822, with the translation in the Quartermaster, actually remained at the headquarters of the army 2, controlling the Office Kiselyov and zaveduya Training Battalion; Commander Ukrainian Infantry Regiment - 03/19/1824.

Member preddekabristskoy organization "Sacred gang". Salvation Union (since Feb.-March 1817), members of the indigenous council of the Union of Welfare (Tulchin council member, MP from her at the Moscow congress 1821).

The order for the arrest - 19/12/1825, 25.12 m Granova called from where there was a regiment in Tulchin for questioning in the investigation of AI. Chernyshev and PD Kiseleva, 30.12 received orders to come to St. Petersburg to Dibich, arrived 1/11/1826, the same day the main guardhouse arrest and taken to the Peter and Paul Fortress ( "put at the discretion of and maintain strict") in the Trubetskoy bastion