Ivan Bolshakov

Picture of Ivan Bolshakov

Date of Birth: 10/20/1984

Age: 32

Citizenship: Russia


Born October 20, 1984 in Moscow.

He graduated from the Children`s School of Arts (music department). In 2002 he entered the Faculty of History of Moscow City Pedagogical University. In 2004, he transferred to the Faculty of Political Science of the International Independent Ecological and Political Science University (MNEPU).

In 2002-2004. - Vice-president of the student political club "Open Tribune".

In 2002 he joined the Russian Democratic Party "Yabloko". In 2004-2005. - Chairman Chertanovskaya local branch of the "Yabloko" party in Moscow.

The "Youth Yabloko" December 2003

In 2004-2005. - Deputy Chairman of the "Moscow Youth Yabloko" (Chairman - Ilya Yashin).

April 26, 2005, was detained in Minsk and sentenced for their participation in the Belarusian authorities banned opposition rally "Chernobyl Way" in the 10 days of arrest. After four days due to international pressure was released. May 4, 2005 for participating and organizing a picket of solidarity with the arrested Belarusians and Ukrainians near the Consulate of the Republic of Belarus in Moscow, was sentenced to four days in jail and an administrative fine.

He took an active part in the creation of a coalition of youth public movement "Defence". From 2005 to January 2006 - Member of the Coordinating Council of the Movement "Defense".

From April 2005 - Chairman of the Moscow Youth Yabloko "(replacing I.Yashina).

In October-December 2005 - a candidate for deputy of the Moscow City Duma, together with Alexei Yablokov headed the list of "Yabloko - United Democrats" in ChERTANOVSKAJa District.

Since 2006 - assistant to the deputy of Moscow City Duma Sergei Mitrokhin.

Since June 2006 - Member of the Regional Council of the Moscow regional branch of RODP "Apple"; Federal Councillor inner-association "Youth Yabloko-young democracy."