Ivan Beritashvili

Picture of Ivan Beritashvili

Date of Birth: 01/10/1885

Age: 89

Place of birth: a. Vedzhini

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from St. Petersburg State University (1910). In 1915-1919 assistant professor at the University of Odessa. Since 1919 Professor of Tbilisi State University, from 1935 as director of the Institute of Physiology at the University of Tbilisi, from 1941 Director since 1951 scientific director of the Institute of Physiology, Academy of Sciences of the Georgian SSR.

Works related to the physiology of the muscular and nervous systems. Established that for each of reflex movements limb exists a coordinating unit in the segments of the spinal cord where sensory nerve fibers come from this extremity, has determined that the coordinated movements of the central inhibition occurs as rhythmically as excitement. I discovered at each reflex act of total central inhibition, carried in the spinal cord, the so-called gelatinous substance of Rolando, in the middle of the brain - the reticular formation in the neocortex - plexus dendritic cells of the first layer. Established the occurrence of bilateral relations at the time of each formation of a conditioned reflex, as well as the formation of conditioned reflexes in the reverse order of the combination when the unconditioned stimulus precedes the conditioned. By studying the behavior of vertebrates by the method of free movement, BA revealed they shaped neuro-psychic activity - the main regulator of the behavior of highly organized vertebrates. To study in detail a form of mental activity - spatial orientation of vertebrates and humans - and found a significant difference in the orientation of the labyrinth, along with visual receptors. From 1959 he studied in the phylogenetic aspect (from fish to monkeys) phenomenon imaginative and emotional memory, setting a different role in their large brain.


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