Ivan Balov

Picture of Ivan Balov

Date of Birth: 01/10/1927

Age: 85

Place of birth: a. Vypolzovo

Citizenship: Russia


Born January 10, 1927 in the village of Ryazan Vypolzovo County into a peasant family. After Petrovicheskoy seven-year school, he worked in his native village of the groom, a shepherd, a plowman.

In 1945 Sightseeing joined rayupolminzag to the position of the procurement agent, and three years later he was elected chairman of the Council of Agriculture Vypolzovskogo. In 1949, promoted to instructor Spassky district executive committee. He graduated from the courses of merchandise on skotosbytu in college town Ostrogozhsk Voronezh region. He worked as the manager of Izhevsk, then from 1953 Bukrin interdistrict office "Zagotskot".

In June 1954 he was elected chairman Sightseeing selhozarteli Lenin collective farm in the village Grebnevo Starozhilovsky District.

Young manager began with strengthening disciplines, including finance, reducing administrative apparatus, creation of integrated mobile teams of farmers. In the early years of the balls in selhozarteli raised productivity, improved livestock productivity. In 1958, there was a consolidation of the agricultural enterprise, it was transformed into a farm. It consists of the village Grebnevo, Zapolje, village Epikhin, Dushkin, Ignatovo, Mikhalkov.

From 1954 to 1966 on the farm there was a significant increase in production and sales of its state: grain yield increased from 2 tons per hectare to 10-12, 150 n - potatoes, up to 3300 kg - milk yield per cow. Introduce advanced management methods, the elements of self-financing, have been eliminated small livestock farms, enlarged field. Rose farm cash income, which allowed to build new stockyards, warehouses and other outbuildings. For the economic success of the farm she was awarded the commemorative banner of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR Council of Ministers and the All.

In February 1971, "for the great progress made in the development of agricultural production and the implementation of the five-year plan for the sale of the state of agriculture and livestock products" farm was awarded the Order of the October Revolution. In 1987, one of the first farm in the area has reached a 407% yield of grain abroad. Sightseeing In 1990 began work on the reorganization of the economy.

Actively participated in public life. He was elected a member of the Party Committee, member of the Bureau Starozhilovo District Party Committee, deputy of the regional Council of People`s Deputies, delegate XXIII Congress of the CPSU.

Since 2007 - retired. He died May 7, 2012.


Medal Hammer and Sickle (1966);

two Orders of Lenin;

Order of the October Revolution (1971);

Order of the Red Banner of Labor;

Order "For Merit" of the 4th degree (20.04.2006);


sign "Excellence in Public Education of the USSR";

sign "Excellence in Public Education of the RSFSR";

honorary citizen of the Ryazan region (2002).