Ivan Balakleev

Picture of Ivan Balakleev

Citizenship: Russia


Born in Kiev, hereditary nobleman, a large landowner (1.5 thousand. Dess. Of land). He graduated from the historical-philological faculty of Kiev Univ St. Vladimir (1890). After Univ serving military service, he served in the artillery. The rank of ensign stock retired, settled in with. Puzhaykove Balta y. Podolsk lips. and took up farming. Actively participated in the public life: the provincial and district zemstvo councilors, a member of the county government on the affairs of the local economy, a member of the local branch of the diocesan school boards, honorary magistrate. On his initiative was organized Zemstvo hospital in m. Sandy Balta y, in which he was a trustee. In techenieshesti years he participated as a narrator in the religious and moral and historical readings arranged by the local clergy. In his youth, was close Aksakov, which subsequently wrote several works.

He took an active part in the monarchist movement. Chairman of Balta Department Union of the Russian People (SRN), a delegate of the 3rd All-Russian Congress of Russian People in Kiev, October 1-7. 1906 (All-Russian Congress of the People of the Earth Russian) by the NRC Division of Balta. He took part in the debate on the question of amending the electoral law. Balakleyev offered a realistic approach to this question. He, in particular, said: "The petition for a change of the electoral law is necessary, and it myimeem right, because you can always ask; in this we are not limited to, and nothing in this revolution there. The law is bad in its essence, in its very foundations; but even if it we could win. The direction in which should go to change the law, as follows: voter group according to nationality and domestic groups. I think that the clergy have not retreated from their problems and not to deceive our expectations, if it was not mixed with other groups of voters. But, probably, the law will not be changed; therefore it is necessary and with the existing law to seek, to rely for its best use. " Elected member of the commission for drafting the Congress decision on the matter.

MP III State. Duma of Podolia., A member of the right-wing faction, member of the Board (Bureau) of the right faction, member of the committees: Financial, on the labor question, resettlement and OE took part in the activities of Russian People`s Union of them. Archangel Michael (RNSMA), lectured for members of the 1st Russian economic labor union, created with RNSMA, was a member of the Drafting Committee "Russian Book of sorrow", worked in the magazine "The direct way." In 1908 he was elected a member of the Main Board of the NRC. During the conflict, the Union supported the AI ??Dubrovin, resigned from the General Council in December. 1911 when supporters prevailed H E. Markov. The subsequent fate is unknown.