Iuij Gambarov

Picture of Iuij Gambarov

Place of birth: Tbilisi


Gambarov Yuri Stepanovich - Lawyer-jurist. Born in 1850 into a noble family of Armenian origin in Tbilisi. Upon completion of the course at Moscow University for some time served in Tiflis for the production of preliminary investigations, and then went abroad for scientific study of law and preparation for the master`s exam, in which the delivery defended his master`s thesis in Moscow. In 1880 he was elected assistant professor of Novorossiysk, and since 1884 extraordinary professor at Moscow University. In 1899, he was forced to leave the chair at the insistence of the Minister of Education Bogolepova and moved to Paris, took an active part in the activities of "Graduate School of Social Sciences", based MM Kovalevsky. Since 1901 is a professor of civil law at the economic department of the St. peterbugskogo Polytechnic Institute. In his writings Gambarov adjacent to the direction Ieringa, introducing, however, the amendments to its independent views. He belongs to a number of successive representatives of the social law in Russia. Review and application ideas Ieringa to a special issue devoted to the thesis Gambarova: "The public interest in civil law" (Moscow, 1879), the continuation of which were works: "The voluntary and gratuitous activity in another`s interest" (Moscow, 1880), and the holding of views of social law most fully done in the "Course of civil law" (volume I, St. Petersburg, 1910), where the presentation of the doctrine of individual institutions is successfully combined with the analysis of common problems of a philosophical nature. In addition to these, Gambarov belong: "The right of ownership" in the "Collection of Russian Higher School of Social Sciences" (1903); "Right in its main points", in the "Compendium of legal knowledge" (1898); "Freedom and its guarantees" (St. Petersburg, 1910), a series of articles in the "Encyclopedic Dictionary", edition Volkova, Filippov and Grenade, "Journal of the Ministry of Justice", "Legal Bulletin", "Russian Thought", "Bulletin of Knowledge" and others. Edited Gambarova with extensive prefaces his published works translated: P. Gide, "civil status of women"; Regelsbergera, "General Theory of Law"; Fonblanque, "English Constitution".