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In 1962 a young man named David LaFlemme, came to San Francisco to become a professional musician. I must say that the makings for that he had - David playing the violin at age 7 and previously played with "Utah Symphony Orchestra". In 1963-m LaFlemme met a girl named Linda, and married her.

Because Linda was a pianist and composing good music, then David, who organized the project "The Orkustra", he drew his wife to work, entrusting her not only the keys but also management. The group has performed quite well in the San Francisco clubsbut over time, Linda was hard to bear a double burden, and the couple has attended LaFlemme search for " separate " manager.

Somehow they came to Matthew Katz, who worked at one time with the "Jefferson airplane" and "Moby grape". Its direct function Katz served as unimportant, but he was able to come up with different interesting names for groups.Just at the time Matthew was trying to create a project with the name "It`s a beautiful day", which would open them to attach talent, Pattie Santos. After listening LaFlemme Katz insisted that the name "The Orkustra" was dropped, and their group teamed up with Santos and worked under the guise of "It`s a beautiful day".It`s a beautiful dayPosle some personnel changes the team has acquired the following form : Patti Santos (vocals) , Linda (keyboards) , David (violin, vocals), Hal Vagenet (guitar) , Mitchell Holman (bass) and Val Flyuentes (drums) . After the musicians prepare rehearsal began to burst into action, but the whole thing slowed Katz. Only under great pressure, he organized the release of singles and concerts. .. in Seattle. I had the staff in the court to get rid of the unlucky manager and to reserve the name "It`s a beautiful day".

The first album was released in 1969, was successful cocktail of folk, psychedelia, classical and jazz. The disc contains a lot of pearls : "Bombay calling", "Wasted union blues", "White bird". Last thing was published single and is widely used in American radio. Despite the hefty popularity inside "It`s a beautiful day" the situation was not quite beautiful. First there was a conflict between David and Linda ,with the result that the couple broke up, and the group for a period left without keys.

It`s a beautiful dayLindu replaced Fred Webb appeared on the album sessions invaded. "Marrying maiden", which came to the fore the elements of country and rock `n` roll, sounded much more fun than its predecessor.By his third release "It`s a beautiful day" came, dragged behind a pile of strife. During the sessions, the group left the Holman and Vagenet. The result was that the disc was recorded in two different formulations, and even his name has been broken into two parts, "Choice quality stuff / Anytime". The plate featured a shift towards hard-rock and the presence of several guests from the "Santana".

After the release, he left LaFlemme and staff turnover has become commonplace for the group. Nevertheless, "It`s a beautiful day" time to release a pair of plates and then split up safely for two years. The following years were numerous attempts to revive the project ,but they were only a short-term phenomenon. One of the latest incarnations occurred in 2003, when former colleagues released the album "Beyond dreams", consisting of a converted old things in a new way.

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