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Year of birth : 1880

Age: 135 years

Place of birth : Saint-Martin-Valmeroux, France

Citizenship : United StatesLegendary producer massage gloves

`Isotoner` - a vivid example of the brand, whose success has made its name from the name of their own in the common name. Gloves `izotonery` nice worldwide for its unique properties, and a list of products manufactured by only one of these gloves is not exhausted. `Isotoner` - American brand, owned by the company ` Totes Isotoner SAS`; It specializes in producing various kinds of accessories, shoes (preferably homemade) , gloves and umbrellas.

The history of the brand `Isotoner` began in 1880 in the French town of Saint-Martin-Valmeroux (Saint-Martin-Valmeroux),it was then that the company `Aris Glove Company` was founded. Engaged in the company production of leather gloves and knitted accessories. Gradually, the market expanded ; it soon became clear that only one brand is not limited to Europe - stylish and quality gloves relished and American buyers. And finally settled on American soil, the brand has developed a fundamentally new model of gloves, which later he also glorified.

Gloves `Isotoner` company ` Aris` showed the world in the early `70s, and the gloves were in every respect absolutely unique. Masterful use of nylon ,spandex and leather inserts has helped the company provide gloves properties, truly incredible. The new glove is flexible, stretched once in 4 directions, and possess unique properties of massage. Name of new gloves - later became the name of the brand as a whole - was made up of two words, `isometric` and ` toning`.Furor these gloves made so impressive that in a very short time the firm considered reasonable to include your brand name in the ` osnovnoe` name - and renamed ` Aris Isotoner, Inc.`.

Building on the success, the company has launched a new variation of gloves - after the female line, and followed by men ;soon on a similar technology and have begun to produce slippers. Convenient and practical slippers with leather soles liked at least customers gloves ; `Isotoner` product sales went up dramatically, confirming the practice of extraordinary talents of its designers and management.

In 1997-m `Isotoner` company merged with the company ` Totes` - leading American producer of goods ` for inclement pogody` ; joint venture `Totes Isotoner Corporation` continued to produce and legendary gloves, fans and well-known products ` Totes` umbrellas and much, much more.

Accessories made by the combined company ,enjoy stable popularity ; Surveys major publications like `Women`s Wear Daily` confirm that brands and ` Isotoner` `Totes` among manufacturers of accessories appear in the top ten. The Company continues to actively develop glorified their direction ,experimenting with new approaches, and developing high-tech methods for designing and creating such simple at first glance things like umbrellas and gloves.

The company has not only own the factories - the development of new materials and models are working very real research teams and centers ;in the year the company introduces the production process 5-6 radically new and hitherto unknown technologies.

At the moment, the brand `Isotoner` products are actively sold worldwide. Use them as ordinary people and celebrities ; knownthat at one time granted production `Isotoner` time to give the American president John F. Kennedy (John Kennedy), Queen Elizabeth (Elizabeth II), US First Lady Nixon Thelma (Thelma Nixon) and the legendary opera diva Maria Callas (Maria Callas). Headquartered brand currently located on American soil ; in France,where once the brand has grown and now operates the headquarters of the European division of the company

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