Ismail Guelleh

Picture of Ismail Guelleh

Date of Birth: 11/27/1947

Age: 68

Place of birth: Dawa

Nationality: Djibouti


Ismail Omar Guelleh was born on November 27th 1947, in Ethiopia. In the late sixties - even before graduating from high school - emigrated to Djibouti. Growing up, a police officer, with the rank of sergeant.

After Djibouti gained its independence, Gelle became the head of the secret police and became acting chief of cabinet of the president of Djibouti government, Hassan Gouled Aptidon.

Later, Omar was trained in the Somali National Security Service (Somali National Security Service), and the Secret Service in pozzhesluzhil French Secret Service.

In February 1999, President Gouled Aptidon announced that he was going to resign and appointed his own successor Gelle Ismail Omar.

9 of April of 1999, being the only representative of the PSC, as well as a member of the Front for the restoration of unity and democracy, Guelleh won the presidential election, defeating independent candidate Moussa Ahmed Idriss. May 8, 1999, Omar took office, while his former rival was soon arrested - for "threatening the morale of the armed forces."

In December of 2000, Guelleh dismissed the chief of staff of the national police, called in its ranks some indignation, that was not successful.

October 7 of 2004, at an extraordinary party congress, Ismail Omar Guelleh was nominated for the presidency for a second term. 8 of April of 2005 - at the next presidential elections in the country - Gelle was unanimously supported by the participants of the electoral process and appointed to the post of head of state.

Currently, Ismail Omar Guelleh performs the duties of the president, and hopes that this is his last term in office.

What will happen then, time will tell. However, Omar today with full responsibility refers to the position, bringing to life of the country a lot of good things, useful innovations, designed to improve the welfare of the population of Djibouti.

Spare moments Omar Gelle prefer to spend in a circle of family, because during working hours on relatives and friends virtually no time.