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Year of birth : 1997

Age: 18 years

Place of birth : San Francisco, am, US

Citizenship : United StatesThe most spoiled teenager on Instagram

`Itslavishbitch` - alias 17 - year-old boy from a wealthy family, who gained fame as the most spoiled teenager on the network ` Instagram`. Despite the fact that the young man`s name is still unknown, one thing is for sure about him - he has money, even a lot of money. And he likes to show it.

For all the world envious profile 17 -year-old student from San Francisco, California (San Francisco, California), it should be declared off-limits, because after seeing photos of his life once, they can not be forgotten. For example, if you have a smartphone ,he has 6 of them - and that`s just in one pocket. In another same rich Internet teenager wears a wallet, which he often complains because it can not fit more than 2000 dollars, that is, every day he has to fill it again. As recognized itslavishbitch himself, he was bored to spend money ,because they still are not getting smaller, so every day he invents a new entertainment: sometimes he sends packets of money in the air balls with helium and some days as an experiment trying to put on a club card coffee `Starbucks` several thousand dollars just in order to ensure its maximum balance. Today, journalists are inclined to believe that he is the son of one of the richest Indian businessman, but because of parents` employment on their own lives in the United States (United States).

User Profile itslavishbitch appeared suddenly and in just a few months has become one of the most popular in the network `Instagram`.It is not unusual, and the only difference from the millions of others consist in the fact that the total cost of each picture more than a few thousand dollars, and at every second picture appear with thick wads of $ 100 bills.

At first glance it may seem ,user itslavishbitch lives on another planet - where there is poverty and unemployment, where people do not die of hunger, where the girls do not sell their bodies to feed their families - but, unfortunately, frequently appear on photos San Francisco hills, which, if embarrassed by his poverty, return to their seats. The reason for the universal hatred of the life of 17 -year-old millionaire is not even that he has more money than all his followers together, and that a significant portion of his time itslavishbitch spends on exposing poverty - the state, he said, the low and extremely unpleasant. It is interesting, however, that the poorest 17old schoolboy calls not only passers-by, but even Hollywood actors and biggest pop music of America. Thus, according to him, Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) is hardly different from a simple peasant : in the bank she had a total of 63 million dollars, and the cost of a country house in California barely exceeds 23 million ;` You`ll never be as rich as I am! You`re pathetic. And your father will never make its way into the list of the richest people world` - he wrote in the comments on her page on forgetting to add that in the garage of her only one (!!!) Rolls - Royce (Rolls-Royce), and this his eyes brings it closer to the middle class.

However, the life of the rich is not without problems ,because the world was as it seems itslavishbitch, created for the poor : every day he has to carry a special mineral water to wash their hands and poured water instead of regular toilet. Most often, he uses water mark `Pellegrino`, which today is one of the most expensive brands of mineral water on the market. If he has to write reports for school, instead of the usual staples, he uses a special set of gold staples.

In early 2014, the year of his life talking major news outlets, but on lifestyle itslavishbitch it did not say all the same pack of money, the same luxury and telephones with gold covers.Almost daily, he renews his page on which a little more than 50 thousand people signed.

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Islavishbitch photo
Islavishbitch image
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