Isabella Grote

Picture of Isabella Grote

Age: 4

Citizenship: United States

encephalocele: History-fighter girl

Concerned doctors feared that Isabel Grote, now a four-year, unable to breathe on their own after birth.

Part of the baby brain evolved out of the skull; her parents, 40-year-old Charlotte, and 49-year-old Jim, was prepared for the worst, warning that Isabella is likely to remain disabled, if any, will survive.

At the twentieth week of pregnancy Charlotte announced the rare birth defects in the fetus, the so-called encephalocele. Through a hole in the back of the skull Isabella sprouted brain.

The horrific news caused the couple, who have two more children, to plan the funeral of a girl who had not even been born.

Charlotte was made to Caesar, and Isabella urgently passed the life-saving operation.

`We came to the US in the twentieth week - says the mother of the baby. - Everything went just fine, but that night I got a call a doctor. He said that with our child having problemy`.

`We were horrified when they learned that the chances of survival of our girls in the first days after her birth, amount to only 25%. We were also warned that Isabella may be born with a severe form of invalidnosti`.

`Abortion has never been for us to do this - adds Charlotte. - Even if I could spend with my little girl just a few minutes, I would schastliva`.

`We are preparing for huduschemu, so I even called the funeral home to find out what are the options in our situatsii`.

Charlotte, a resident of Minot, North Dakota (Minot, North Dakota), was taken to a specialized hospital in Minnesota (Minnesota), eight hours away from home.

Doctors have successfully done Caesarean section - and Isabella was born a month earlier than you expect.

`The doctors were just great - said her mother. - Daughter was only three days old when she successfully removed the occipital bag and put a small portion of her brain back into cherep`.

`We do not know if our daughter will be learning difficulties in the future, but that did not stop us feel lucky to. We were lucky - our daughter vyzhila`.

`She recently celebrated its fourth birthday, and now everything is going just fine. Isabella took all the important stages of development, including learned to walk and talk. Today, she likes to attend classes in the preparatory shkole`.

Encephalocele - a traumatic brain herniation, consisting of the brain tissue, contained in the hernial sac.

The pathology occurs when the neural tube, involved in the formation of the brain and the spinal cord does not close completely during early pregnancy.

Every year in the United States about one ten-thousandth the baby is born with a brain herniation.

`At first the doctors did not know how seriously hurt Isabella brain - Charlotte recalls. - However, a complete MRI later determined that part of the brain substance is developed cherepa`.

`The doctors said that if the girl survives, it may remain disabled and will never learn to walk or govorit`.

`I was heartbroken. I fell into a deep depressiyu`.

Charlotte continues: `Throughout my pregnancy I had regular check-ups. A month before the due date delivery the whole family moved to Minnesota to be with special meduchrezhdeniyami`.

May 4, 2012 the first doctors performed an emergency caesarean section, after it became clear that the Isabella for two weeks does not develop in the womb.

`When I saw my daughter for the first time, I was terrified, - says Charlotte. - And all because of that bag on her zatylke`.

`The doctors told us that the brain substance is the body turned out to be less than they originally expected. We have experienced the moment oblegchenie`.

`Three days after the birth of Isabella operated. She removed a hernia, but we still do not know how it is on it otrazilos`.

`Fortunately, I operatsiyaproshla great. For the most part, the fluid was in the bag; They told us that Isabel was not revealed any obvious deviations from normy`.

`The doctors even managed to put a small portion of her brain back in the skull - continues to Charlotte. - We just could not at this poverit`.

The girl spent in the intensive care unit of thirteen days, after which the parents were allowed to pick up Isabella home.

Miraculously, the baby started to progress as fast as no one expected. By about nine months she was able to sit independently. His first steps Isabella took 18 months.

Initially, there were problems with pronunciation and slow speech, but to pre-school age girl caught up with their peers and learned to speak in full sentences.

In addition, it was necessary to carry out two operations, when Isabella was two or three years to fix problems with her eyesight.

Charlotte said: `We feel truly blessed, as our beautiful little girl is with us today. She took the snake more than most people go through their entire zhizn`.

`It looks like all the other children of the age of four. Isabella loves to play with dolls. She is so caring, so laskovaya`.

`Our daughter - a real boets`.