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Year of birth : 1985

Age: 30 years

Citizenship : United States

The esoteric approach to fashion

Isabel Toledo,founder of the fashion brand `Isabel Toledo`, presented to officiate his first collection in 1985. However, to 1988, it decided to no longer exhibit their creations in the traditional seasonal shows. The designer was convinced that silent hurried in order to participate in the major shows. According to her ,her clothing designs have not been completed.

Toledo chose to move into the shadows, in order to fully devote himself to design. In addition, it is believed that fashion should declare itself ` gromoglasno` on the fashion scene. At the same time, suitable to all philosophical Toledo firmly believed in the fact that its projects should be developed organically ,and not only created with the sole purpose to attract attention.

Such judgments have gone `Isabel Toledo` brand only benefit. It took some time before all of Toledo `s ideas have been implemented at 100%. At this point, the brand has got its own client base. By the late 1990s, Isabel finallyI decided to re- ignite his star by the name of `Isabel Toledo` in the fashion firmament.

In 1998, again without the support of any business tycoons, Toledo opened the first store called `Lab`, New York (New York), next door to a sports complex ` Garden` Madison Square (Madison Square Garden).The store has been presented for children and men`s clothing, home furnishings and, of course, women`s clothing, which was beginning to Toledo.

Isabel Toledo is one of the true innovators in the world of fashion. Instantly becoming a muse mainstream and cult classic, Toledo received a lot of attention for his ` ezotericheskiy` approach to fashion. When-she even managed to open the shop, located somewhere deep inside her loft, converted into housing space abandoned factory in the Chelsea neighborhood (Chelsea). Toledo is also known for chanting elegant female sculpture. She insists that it does not m

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