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Date of Birth: 1965

Age: 50

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: Russia

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Start a career

Isaac Correa, Puerto Rican descent, was born in New York (1965), in a poor Chinatown. Big family made early to join the work. By his own admission Isaac, he began learning to cook at age six. His mother, an excellent kulinarka, predicted his son`s future career, noting that he is an excellent cook, but arranges around him such a mess that never will do it at home.

The first place was the work of Isaac pizzeria `Prima Donna`. Feeling interested in the profession cook and wanting to broaden my horizons, Correa, along with chef pizzeria went to the restaurant `Manhattan Market`, and later - in` Chez Lois`. Was educated at culinary school in New York and practical skills in handling different products, Correa has set for itself a rule, which still has to be - not to stay long in one place and keep moving forward.

In 1994, Chef Bob Stern, who was his friend and mentor, was offered a job by a chain of restaurants and `Rosinter` offered Isaac come along. For Correa this was a very difficult decision, and he thought about it for two weeks - it was said to him, in Russia eat mainly potatoes, and restaurants only mafia walks. When the time came to fly, it turned out that Stern changed his mind, and Isaac Correa went to Moscow alone.

Conquest of Moscow

Winter Moscow produced almost frightening impression on the Puerto Rican. Unusually for him was also the tastes and habits of Muscovites, their attitude to the traditions and gastronomy visits to restaurants. Correa began his career in Moscow `American Dar & Grill`, where he prepared the usual burgers and chicken wings, marveling at the absence of provisions on the recipes of spices, then moved to the restaurant` Artistiko` trying to cook Italian food without Italian ingredients.

Having fulfilled the put contract year, Isaac Correa has decided to continue its work in Moscow, this time chef at the restaurant `Santa Fe` specializing in Mexican cuisine. Later the chef admitted that he was very surprised by the increased demand for very expensive meals and complete indifference to quality, and at the same time the budget menus, but it is due to Correa Muscovites first learned what a real cheesecake and fajitas.

Returning for a moment to the traditional ribs and cheeseburgers in `TGI Friday`s`, Isaac became chef of the legendary restaurant` Uley`. Unusual was the style of this institution - drawing in the style of postmodernism, the musical fashion trends, delight visitors from long-term association with the staff, including the tattooed and with clever chef. However, the real breakthrough `Ulya` became the first Moscow-fusion menu by Isaac Correa, combines the culinary techniques of East and West and the most polar products: fruit sushi, soup of green tea and shellfish, fish in caramel sauce with fruit etc . Hit `Ulya` - Pizzetti with smoked salmon and caviar - have adopted and other chef.

Style from Correa

At the top of the triumph of Isaac Correa left a job in `Ule` and investors adopted a proposal to open its own network. Founded in 2003, the first city cafe `Correa`s` returned to the traditions of simple and tasty daily meals, which could take takeaway. When the network has expanded to eight cafes to include the former and `Uley`, Correa went out of business.

In 2010, he became co-owner of the company `Icon Food`. The first project was the confectionery `Upside Down Cake`, specializing in cakes, prepared by the American and English recipes; this institution has become a hit cupcakes. This was followed by a bar `Corner Burger` with classic American burgers and original desserts, the restaurant` Black Market`, specializing in contemporary American cuisine, and finally a pizzeria `Montalto`, which offers eight varieties of traditional American pizza.

Concept Isaac Correa - creating restaurants that have become part of everyday life of Muscovites, and where you could come with the whole family. In addition to creative recipes and high quality products, this requires also a special atmosphere - nice interior, warm and friendly style of communication. Openness - it`s part of the business, it helps to make visitors want to come to this restaurant again, and Isaac Correa is successfully managed. He`s not trying to be fashionable, and does not consider that the need to spend money on advertising - it is better to create a dish, of which write or tell everyone who tried it.

Correa married a Muscovite, their growing son Cannon. When asked who was the first chef in the world, Isaac replied: `My mama`. When asked who the second, the answer should be: `Of course, your mama`.

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