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Year of birth : 2000

Age: 15 years

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Samuel Bim

Original name: Samuel Beam

This indie -folk obliged popular ?Today Samuel Beam is one of the biggest indie rock musicians in the world, and its project `Iron & Wine` became one of the major discoveries in the American indie rock scene. Who would have thought that Samuel himself never wanted to be a star - he was interested in art and cinema, and the dream of his life he considered the post of professor at the university.In general, he calls the history of `Iron & Wine` accident in which there were too many friendly matches. Yet, as a group of `Iron & Wine` was founded ?

`Iron & Wine` - American indie rock and indie -folk project Bima Samuel (Samuel Beam), came into existence in the early 2000s. The author of most of the songs himself is Samuel, but in live performances and albums often there are other popular indie rock performers and groups. Today discography `Iron & Wine` consists of 5 studio albums ,

7 mini- albums, dozens of singles and a huge number of other records, including the soundtracks for films and TV series ,joint recordings with other musicians and record with live shows and tours. Interestingly, Samuel Bim likes to diversify their live performances : he often performs with acoustic concerts, accompanying himself on the guitar, but his concerts plnoy group are also not a surprise for the fans. Few people know ,that its unusual name of the project shall not rich imagination of Samuel, and dietary supplement `Beef Iron & Wine`, which Bim saw during the trip to the store.

Samuel born July 26, 1974 year. From early childhood he was interested in art, theater and film, and bezuzyki, later admitted ,I could not even imagine my life. Most of his childhood was spent in South Carolina (South Carolina), and after the school moved to Virginia (Virginia), and then to Florida (Florida). Beam finished Virginia Commonwealth University with a bachelor`s degree in the arts, and then went on to study cinema and visual arts.Over time, he began to teach film at the University of Miami International University of Art and Design Miami, while working on their own work and research. Several times, he has also participated in the filming of independent films. Despite the fact that at school Bim wrote songs ,he never tried to publish them. Thanks suchaynosti he recorded a couple of tapes, one of which fell into the hands of his brother vocalist `Band of Horses` - and so began the musical career of Samuel Beam.

In 2002, his debut album was released on the label `Sub Pop`` The Creek Drank the Cradle`, which instantly became popular among indie fans-roka and folk. It should be noted that at the time of indie folk job today is one of the most popular styles - still has not been particularly promoted and known, so the first time his work has been described as folk rock or neo -folk.

After the success of the first album musician toured ,pausing only to record `Our Endless Numbered Days`, which was even more popular and finalized sound

`Iron & Wine`. Critics were crazy about Samuel songs, and his fan base grew steadily. According to many critics, particularly popular musician to bring songs that are included in the soundtracks of such films ,as ` Country sadov` (Garden State) and` Steep kompaniya` (In Good Company).

During the following years the musician never ceased to delight fans new works : constant touring, Bim still have time to be distracted at work in the studio. So, in 2007, the third album of the musician, `The Shepherd`s Dog` was released, and in 2011-m - its fourth record `Kiss Each Other Clean`, it reached the 6th position in the US charts. In 2013, the `Iron & Wine` released the last album to date ` Ghost on Ghost`.

Samuel Beam lives in the North Carolina (North Carolina) with his wife Kim and 5 children. Even in adulthood, he decided to leave the church ,since tired of the constant deception. ` I`m not an atheist. I believe that there is something more, that many for some reason is called God and consider themselves experts in the field of knowledge. But as for me, I do not think that every thing should be yarlyk` - Beam said in an interview.

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