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94 -year-old icon of the fashion world

Staying active figure in a particular field in ` 94 is not easy; it is even more difficult if the area is famous for its demands to the age of the active participants - as is typical of the fashion industry. For Iris Apfel, However,age does not become a hindrance - even now it remains a legend in the fashion world.

Born Barrel Iris (Iris Barrel) in Astoria, Queens, New York (Astoria, Queens, New York); she was the only child of Samuel Barrel (Samuel Barrel), the holder of glass and mirror company, and his wife Sadi (Sadye), owner of fashion boutique. And Samuel,and Sadya were Jews.

Iris studied art history at New York University; Later, she also attended the School of Arts at the University of Wyoming. When she was a young woman Barrel worked with the publication of `Women`s Wear Daily` and interior designer Eleanor Johnson (Elinor Johnson); In addition, she was artist-assistantillustrator Robert Goodman (Robert Goodman).

The 1948th Iris was married to Carl Apfel (Carl Apfel). 2 years later, they launched their joint project - a textile company `Old World Weavers`; now they ran it up st 1992. In the period from 1950 to 1992nd Iris Apfel Participation is time to take in a number of restoration projects;in particularShe worked in the White House at 9 different presidents - Truman (Harry S. Truman), Eisenhower (Dwight D. Eisenhower), Kennedy (John F. Kennedy), Johnson (Lyndon B. Johnson), Nixon (Richard Nixon), Ford (Gerald Ford

Carter (Jimmy Carter), Reagan (Ronald Reagan) and Clinton (Bill Clinton). As later admitted Carl Apfel,Jacqueline Kennedi-Onassis was unexpectedly difficult a client; however, for these professionals unsolvable problems do not happen - and, no matter how demanding was not the first lady, couple Apfel able to meet all its needs and requirements.

In 2012th, the 90 -year-old at the time,Iris worked as a visiting professor at the University of Texas in Austin. knownApfel and that to this day actively lectures and organizes consultations at various fashion themes. In 2013 th Ayristala one of the best dressed people over the age of 50 according to the `Guardian`.

In 2005 ,Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York (New York) held an exhibition devoted to the characteristic features of the style Iris Apfel; it was called `Rara Avis` -` Rare ptitsa`. The demonstration took place with great success; it spodviglo organizers - especially Stephanie Houy - Towner (Stephane Houy-Towner) -to repeat the exhibition (originally did not plan to exit) yet in a number of countries of exhibition facilities; in particular, shows were held in West Palm Beach, Florida (WestPalm Beach, Florida), Roslyn Harbor, New York (Roslyn Harbor, New York), and Salem, Massachusetts (Salem, Massachusetts).

The museum -style fashion and art in Boynton Beach ,Florida (Boynton Beach, Florida) at the moment there are works on the design of the new building, which is planned exhibition of clothes, accessories and furniture from Iris Apfel.

In October 2014 documentary film Meyslisa Albert (Albert Maysles) `Ayris` (` Iris`) was shown at the film festival in New York. Later,the company `Magnolia Pictures` acquired the film for further theatrical release America, go to the rental picture was in the 2015th. Apfel herself responded positively about the film, though, and notedthat by the look on itself it turned out quite unusual. Documentary project, unfortunately, was the last work Meyslisa -in 2015th director died.

Iris Apfel even now remains one of the most unusual and the brightest representatives of the fashion world. 94 -year-old woman with an impressive regularity continues to create fashion trends, and regularly surprises surrounding the unusual stylistic decisions. Building complex combinations of expensive and cheap,sovremennyhi vintage items, Iris makes an incredible effect - demonstrating in practice that the age of this talent is not a hindrance.Apfel is actively interested in rare collectors` products, and actively cooperates with a lot of large well-known brands. Iris is very actively travels the world; Travel not only deliver these Apfel great fun,but also give it new materials to create complex combinations of styles. Unusual things, Iris finds that in his travels, become a great addition to her wardrobe - and often act kachetve `kirpichikov` when you create another masterpiece of contemporary design.Apfel very carefully refers to the process of creating the style and choice of attire on the next event. Considering these processes are deeply creative, Iris comes to them as a kind of art - and traditionally demonstrates impressive results. Around Apfel collected a large number of people with exceptional creative abilities;Among them were prominent musicians like Duke Ellington (Duke Ellington) and talented artists like Bill Cunningham photographer (Bill Cunningham) of the `New York Times`.

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