Irina Volk

Picture of Irina Volk

Date of Birth: 12/12/1977

Age: 38

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

The head of the economic security of the press service

Irina Volk was born December 21, 1977 in Moscow in the family of the artist and a lawyer.

After the ninth grade, Irina went studying at the Law Lyceum, and after studying at the Lyceum, Irina successfully passed examinations in the Police Academy.

Then, Irina went to serve in the Crime Department in the banking sector, but soon it was transferred to the press group of the Office of economic security and anti-corruption.

From 2002 to 2008 Irina worked as a correspondent of the program "Vesti - The duty of" on TV channel "Russia".

In March 2008, Irina has presented its first detective called "Enemies of my friends."

In October 2008, Irina won the All-Russian competition MVD Russia "Shield and pen" in the category "Interior Ministry - a time of change."

In 2009 he published a second book of Irene, which was called "The Temptation Modigliani".

In February 2011, Irina has become the leading program "Attention: wanted!" On the NTV channel.

Also in 2011, Irina has released his third book entitled "The Mystery of the old castle."

The summer of 2012, Irina has left the program "Attention: Search", in connection with the closing of the project.