Irina Vannikova

Picture of Irina Vannikova

Date of Birth: 08/28/1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: Samara

Citizenship: Ukraine

While listening to Julia, Yushchenko drew a fox. A mouth - with teeth

Why Yushchenko had disappeared from public policy? What happened to him? What is the mood of the third president?

- He is OK. Yushchenko is in a calm, confident, good, mood. I think that he took a break, it was the part of Viktor Yushchenko is absolutely the right decision. Just finished his difficult presidency, and he took the time to rethink certain processes, to think about plans for the future, think about the prospects. Maybe even a look at some things in a new way, something to analyze. Now for Viktor Yushchenko is the time of analysis, internal audit, and the party "Our Ukraine", and in itself, I would have said so. In addition, Yushchenko wants to Ukrainian people figured out myself, with my life. The Ukrainian people have made their choice, elected authorities, which now have. Therefore, Yushchenko wants and people made any conclusions. So pause it absolutely justified and understandable. On Friday, the Congress of "Our Ukraine". He will be there to attend. And it will serve. Agree, it`s beautiful - it appears so at the Congress.

Who advised him to go to the polls?

- Yushchenko himself makes decisions. Advice he listens, but he puts the point. The same question can be put Tigipko and Yatsenyuk, the same Simonenko. He was obliged to go to the polls to defend their beliefs.

But he almost was not rated. In this case, if he thought about his successor?

- But we are living in a democratic state, and Yushchenko`s liberal and a democrat. Appeared to a successor, he would be charged with the manual management of the country. After all, it is not democratic, it is not the European way. The presidency in a democratic country - it`s not the throne

No, I mean, why Yushchenko did not find a successor, Yeltsin or Putin, Medvedev, Putin?

- It would not be fair on the part of Yushchenko. After all, Putin was appointed Yeltsin Russian people on the eve of the new 2000. Do you remember how Putin, Yeltsin led by the hand to the porch of the presidential residence, and presented as a successor? In Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, it was impossible.

If the 2010 election populism wins, it does not mean that the case is lost democracy. Yushchenko likes to tell a very instructive story about Aristotle. Athenian philosopher was strolling with his disciples, slowly driving the conversation and telling them what is the truth. It passes by beautiful, attractive woman. He waved his train, and all the disciples ran after her. After the woman says Aristotle: "That you`re here to teach their students for 2 years, telling them of high matters, and I just waved a plume, and they follow me from you ran. And it took me 2 minutes. So what is all what you tell them. " In this, Aristotle said, "Yes, it`s true. But you`re attracted low, and I`m talking about high. It is a difficult path, but it is more reliable. "

So. So what?

- If populism wins, it does not mean that the European choice, democracy and freedom are lost. The pendulum will swing necessarily the other way.

They say that between the first and second round, he did everything to help defeat Yanukovych Tymoshenko. For example, I made Bandera hero Ukraine, thereby mobilizing the electorate of Yanukovych. They say that we should go to vote to power did not come again nationalists.

- It`s funny to listen to. Just before the second round, Victor Yushchenko has not campaigned. That`s before the first round, he criticized Tymoshenko. After all, it was she, not Yanukovych was his rival for votes in one electoral field. But Yanukovych, we do understand it, has its stable electorate. So the assignment of Bandera hero had no impact on voters Yanukovych. Yanukovych`s electorate was always faithful to him. Another thing is that if there were no Bandera, and like him fighters for independent Ukraine, then there would be this very independent Ukraine. Wherever Now Yanukovych was and who he was? Little Russian province Governor or President of the Soviet Republic?

When Viktor Yushchenko has learned not good for themselves the results of the first round of the presidential election, if he fell into depression after that? After all, he is the current president, took the second place is not, as in his time, Leonid Kravchuk, and the fifth!

- Viktor Yushchenko and depression - are incompatible, this word-antonyms. He is a very strong man, and above all patient. He simply understands that the ideology to which he believes he can not take that percentage that could be counted, but, nevertheless, it is strong and confident in its position. You know, maybe, "Our Ukraine" and is now lost the battle for power, but it has not lost the war. We have a democratic country, and after 5 years, I`m hoping that something can change.

Sorry, that Yushchenko intends to participate in the next presidential elections ?!

- Come on, do not talk so narrowly "in the next presidential election he is going to participate." It will actively participate in the political life of the country.

In front of us the experience of the first two presidents: they influence the process, when the power went out. Kravchuk, for example, became an ordinary "wedding General", participating in various political projects ...

- ... Exactly. Status Yushchenko - is in English "statesmen" - statesman, standing above the political process, and his opinion will always be important for our society.

Let us, nevertheless we specify whether Yushchenko will go to the next parliamentary elections at the head of "Our Ukraine"?

- Maybe it will, maybe not. That we can not yet say, after all we are talking about 2012.

As Yushchenko will help the "Our Ukraine" in the local elections?

- We have a specific media plan, a work plan with the Party cell. He certainly will not be suspended from the party "Our Ukraine", because it`s his project, it is his belief. However, I think that Yushchenko is now tied to the local elections would be wrong.

It is now that will be as Alexander Solzhenitsyn, something of this moral authority, which acts a year or two, but only on a very important issue for society?

- I only know that Viktor Yushchenko returned to politics. Simply thrown into between the ballot papers and the occupation of the Crimea, or an increase of gas tariffs, or the disappearance of a journalist - a very short distance. Therefore, we must always profess an ideology`s value, the essential thing and explain it to the country. Here Yushchenko just refers to such people. So that he will not stand aside, he has something to say. If you can not give up their beliefs, then you will not be silent.

Well, Did Yushchenko his "ideology of values" - the theme of rehabilitation of OUN-UPA, the Holodomor, the NATO - vyigratvybory? After all, this "ideology" is only interested in Western Ukraine, and not the entire country, and these threads splitting the country?

- Well, you know, the concept of "splitting the country" brought in from outside, and you journalists, too. Instead, Yushchenko just raised topics that were important for the country. Is Lugansk and Donetsk have not experienced the Holodomor.

Yes, but for some reason the topic interested Lions with the Ivano-Frankivsk, where no Holodomor was not, not with the Donetsk Lugansk.

- Yes. Therefore, Yushchenko would like to see these topics interested and Eastern Ukraine. He believed that on such topics and to build a country and a nation, that the common historical memory and unites the country.

But it turned out that there is.

- Do not tell. I know retired from Lugansk, Kharkov, Donetsk, who, coming to the Holodomor monument in Kiev, crying, reading up on the running line the names of their dead relatives. You take an interest in the museum, many people from the Centre and East of Ukraine visited the Holodomor museum.

Why Yushchenko said that he was poisoned Smeshko Satsiuk and Zhvania Satsiuk in the country? After all, nobody in their right mind would not poison the person if he wants to do it at home.

- Viktor Yushchenko never claimed that he was poisoned these people. And the fact that it was poisoning, it was repeatedly told by representatives of the Prosecutor General, for example, Alexander Medvedko. Let`s think logically. If symptoms of poisoning appear after dinner at Satsyuk, and before that 10:00 Yushchenko did not eat anything, any conclusions from all of this can be done?

But Zhvania told himself that they Satsiuk before giving, for example, out of town to some collectors, where drank infusions, then stopped ...

- Better Zhvania told the investigators about this, what to talk about the press. That would be an honest and decent.

Major Melnichenko said recently that in 2004 the Viennese clinic "Rudolfinerhaus" military arrived American doctors. Is it true? If so, how are they there?

- For information about visiting American doctors Yushchenko published the newspaper "Washington Post" in 2005. It is, indeed, true. But the fact is that if Viktor Yushchenko saved and Japanese and German experts and the US, too. After all, it was a question of saving human life. Do we really matter which country a passport in the pocket of a doctor, when a person`s life is in danger?

How did Yushchenko applied to Tymoshenko?

- I`ll tell you one incident that would explain a lot. Once the Prime Minister Tymoshenko came to the meeting to the President Yushchenko. For a long time something told me something urged. She said it is able to Yulia Tymoshenko, ardently, enthusiastically and passionately, it was impossible to stop. Viktor Yushchenko during a meeting always taking notes. So, while Yushchenko listened to her, then, in between times, painted on a piece of paper with a large fox tail, a mouth - with a smile, with teeth, eyes are - sly. The drawing was very telling. Yushchenko knew who he was dealing with what political animal - pretty but sly fox.

How often Yushchenko met with Tymoshenko?

- Before the gas contracts in 2009 is often, but once there, except for official events. We previously introduced a European practice, when every week on Monday met the president, prime minister and chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. Perhaps we are discussing working questions by phone. I`ll tell you a story about one of the last meetings. January 2010. The ceremony of laying flowers to one of the sites. According to the protocol took part Viktor Yushchenko, Yulia Tymoshenko and other invited senior officials of the state, was there, and Ivan Plyushch. Yushchenko arrived, all the protocol posted as they should at the ceremony. Julia, as always, too late, that all pay attention to it. It was very cold. But Tymoshenko has been in shoes with high heels, a thin coat. Even to look at it was cold. Ivan Plyushch was wrapped like a landowner Troyekurov, a warm coat and a fur cap. Seeing Timoshchenko, Ivy turned to protection, "Hlopts