Irina Rozanova

Picture of Irina Rozanova

Date of Birth: 07/22/1961

Age: 55

Birthplace: Penza

Citizenship: Russia

I`m not an angel

Author: Olga Ryabinin

Website: Celebrities

"Kalashnikov" took director debutant Andrei Proshkin - son of Alexander Proshkina, create a movie "Cold Summer 53rd ...", "Russian riot". One of the main roles played by the brilliant Irina Rozanova.

- I love to work with interesting people. That turned out to be Andrey Proshkin and his crew. I once shot at his dad in the film "Black Veil". I`m the mistress of a shelter for pets. What will be the result - I do not know. Evaluate their work can not. The main thing is that I met with the main character, Yarik. He`s not only the movie, but in reality - a graduate of the orphanage.

- It is true that you are good friends with him?

- Our relationship is first evolved not very smooth, but thanks to the wonderful crew and Andrew his heart thawed. It is - it is something incredible, a full set of contradictions. Hooligan, sloven, but stunning, talented, fantastic. It is impossible not to blame, but it is impossible not to love. God forbid, if his fate was. We all try to help him.

- Irina, you are now a lot of filming in the movie. To snatch a few tens of minutes to communicate with you, we have to "take turns." But happily for you!

- Thank you. Of course, a better fatigue life than by her absence. Now I`m doing a show written and directed by Alexander Buravsky. There we with Sasha Abdulov play the police officers. He - operative, and I`m his boss. Duration - 1995.

- You are not the first time playing with Abdulov. People have even almost had married after the series "fatalist". It`s hard not to fall in love? He sort of image of the handsome playboy ...

- With Sasha working for a long time, I love him madly, but never falling in love with him. We have a great relationship, it is an excellent partner. Yes, we worked together in several films. But Sasha is not a typical handsome, he - brave, strong. Yes, I, frankly, do not like handsome men. In men I appreciate inner beauty. To feel it - a man. But looks are not important, a person not to drink the water, as they say. By the way, on the part of female beauty - the same criterion.

Recently, at the festival of literature and cinema in Gatchina Irina Rozanova was awarded the prize for best actress, played in the film "Savage", as she was told on the phone. That`s such an unexpected gift.

- You probably, like any woman, indifferent to the gifts at all?

- Of course! But sometimes you do not understand what is better - to give or receive. When there is a good exchange of energy - there is wonderful.

- With her husband often exchange presents different?

- ...Often. But what exactly, I will not tell.

- By the way, a man for you - the "real"?

- I can not think of anything new here - decency. This is the most important quality in a man. It combines and friendship, and respect for, and understanding.

- Some believe that marriages are made in heaven, but, for example, Maria Arbatov once said that to be happy you need to set the network itself. Then it is safe and currently ...

- I believe that the fate of people really connected to the heavens. Although, of course, a person takes part in it, but happy marriage - it is beyond us. What is the most valuable thing in the family? When once held a passionate fervor, are respect, understanding. They are educated people who are connected. Often it does not work, what to do? At my parents` fate is not easy, it was all in my life, but recently they have celebrated their golden wedding. Nowadays, it is a rarity.

- That is ideal for you - when "they lived together for a long time and died in one day"?

- No, I`m afraid even to talk about what is ideal. Indeed, sometimes the happiness does not come immediately. I sincerely believe that if it is impossible for people to build relationships, then do not pull the strap, it is necessary to break - so let me be forgiven for it.

- Ira, worth living - when it comes thoughts of eternity, I always try to remember that there is one second, which should be cherished. If we forget about it, then it becomes bad. We are constantly in a hurry, we frantic pace, a kind of madness. It is necessary to stop at times.

- And then what?

- I - an emotional man, there are wrongs that hurt. But I have long been trying to educate themselves, learn to forgive and to ask forgiveness if she offended someone. I am uncomfortably long time to be in conflict with someone.

- Sometimes, Irina Rozanova throws thunder and lightning, and those who are close, hard to get?

- Oh ... of course!

- How does it look?

- Well, I can not now show, but those people who have got into such a situation, read the interview probably remember how it was. I find it hard to talk about myself. For instance, I can say that there are valid in anger, while others say that I am hysterical. If there are situations where you have to defend themselves in the work situation, I defend, although given this is not easy. But I try and enjoy someone else`s success. I try not to get angry. That try. If I say that does not get angry, - it would be a lie. Because I`m not an angel. But I - a happy person who had a dream to become an actress, and she realized.