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Upon reaching adulthood, Irina decided to realize itself in the financial sector than surprised his parents who wanted their child to continue the family business - and has become a good dentist. After graduating from the Moscow school in 1988, Rapoport, went to New York University, as the father wanted she studied dental business in the west.

Before you get to the prestigious institution, needed some time to work assistant dentist. His first paid by check girl came to the bank to cash. She was pretty surprised at how it differs reigning in her situation from the usual savings banks - and went to the introductory course in finance. As a result, biology, and physics have come to `net`, replaced by` volshebnoy` accounting.

After receiving a Bachelor of Finance, Irina year held the position of broker division of the company `Prudential Financial`. In 1994, she graduated from the University of San Francisco, was among the best students, and received a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA).

Then Rapoport found a job in the company `Hirschfeld, Stern, Moyer & Ross`, provide assistance to the population of rich America to plan their private and state pension funds. The first customer - is always special, and Irina still remembers Jerry Gotsmana, who put to the account of 20 million dollars.. This Gotsman saw on the floor a trifle and, having ascertained that it does not belong to Irina, immediately slipped into his pocket. It was a lesson in accuracy that Rapoport remembered forever.

After spending almost 15 years away from home, Irina returned to Russia, citing the fact that in America simply lacked drive. She agreed to accept the offer from the company `RCAM`, from morning till vecherarabotaya financial advisor. Rapoport is so dedicated that of a three-hour interview with `Forbes` paid for an hour talking on a cell phone.

Today Irina somewhat concerned that Russian investors from the stock market too expect high returns, relying on the fact that the market has grown by more than 50%. But Rapoport explains each client that the market decline is sure to happen and that there is a good chance to buy the fallen in the price of paper. Being one of the best managers to work with large private clients in the Russian industry, Irina almost all their savings invested in the Russian market, and 50% - in shares of the gas company Gazprom ``.

Rapoport has admitted that it is easy to stay connected and informed customers. On a horoscope is Capricorn, and a woman with the sign attributed to the male character. Irina fully agree with this formulation. It just may not sit home and do business economic: `When I gave birth to a child, stayed at home a year, I nearly went mad `.

Irina Rapoport Married to Sergey Ushkova, a member of the board of directors of the insurance company Rostra ``. Upbringing of their children, as well as household chores, engaged mostly salaried workers. When Irene asked about his favorite sport, she replied with humor: `` Money. However, such an answer out of her mouth sounded quite sensibly.

Rather than heed the advice of a parent and is now engaged in prosthetics and teeth whitening, Irina has contributed to the fact that about a hundred of Russian millionaires attract private money into the company `RCAM`. For example, its total portfolio of private clients from December 2005 to April 2006, rose to 300 million. Dollars.

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