Irina Muravieva

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Date of Birth: 08/02/1949

Age: 67

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Soviet Star Screen

Author: Andrew Puminov

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The Early Years

Irina Muraviev was born in Moscow on February 8, 1949. Her father had a special military engineer, so from the very first days of the war went to the front. In Germany, he met a captive Belarusian - expectant mother Irina. After the war they married and soon came to light two girls.

He recalls the actress, brought up by their mother. The house has always been the order and cleanliness. Studied and his sister only five, because their parents abused for four. After high school, Irina immediately returned home and did not go anywhere else. As a child she was very fond of children and dreamed of becoming a teacher.

In 15 years Muraveva hit on the idea of ??becoming an actress. Her desire was so overwhelming that the daughter could not convince even the parents. After high school she applied to several universities in Moscow theater, but neither one of them could do. The Shchukin School Irina said that she forgot all about the art. A year Muraveva again tried to enter the theater - and again failed. But it took in the drama studio of the Central Children`s Theater. Here and began her career as an actress.

The theater has played an important role in the life Muravyova also because here she met m. He was director of the theater and subdued Irina forever. In 1973, they were married, and two years later was born the son of Daniel. Irina gave birth to a second son Eugene in ten years.

Star Time

First, the directors did not pay attention to Irene, so to play in a movie she could not. Finally, in 1973, it was cast in the television drama Zinaida Baglyaevoy `Different lyudi`. It was the first major appearance on the screen. A year later she made her debut in the movie: Muraveva starred in `Midsomer ubiystvo` (1974). It is noteworthy that it is not like any member of the Arts Council, in addition to the director Samson Samsonov. He assured everyone that Irina able to cope with the role, and he was right. Thanks to him, the actress received a ticket to a great movie.

However, once it failed to win the trust Muravyova directors. Long five years Irina pestered studios hoping to get a big role, but it offered only minor characters. Finally, in 1978, she was lucky. She starred in the film that glorified her far beyond the borders of the USSR.

The role of the adventurer Luda Sviridova in the film `Moscow to tears does not verit` (1979) went to Irina easy. As soon as the film director Vladimir Menshov saw the actress, he immediately knew who should play Muraveva. And despite the fact that this role brought Irina love of the audience and national fame, she still did not love her. According to the actress, she played a man who in real life would never be able to tolerate and accept. Lyudmila bylanadelena such qualities, which for the most Muravyova unacceptable.

Nevertheless, with its role as an actress she coped fine. Besides the State Prize of the USSR, Irina fell on another and a great glory. After the film was in theaters in Europe and America, receiving numerous international awards. Despite the tense relations between the USSR and the USA, the American Film Academy awarded the film `` Oscar `for best foreign film`.

In 1981, with the participation of Muravyova got another great work - the film `Karnaval`. Irina again played provincial, that thanks to the work and perseverance achieves its goal. The famous song from the movie `Call me, call! `Became a hit and still is a symbol of the Soviet era. The picture broke all records and became the leader of film distribution, and readers` Soviet ekran` Muravevu named `best actress goda`.

Despite being a movie star, Irina Muraviev not abandoned theater. Since 1977, the first so she began to play in the Theater. Moscow City Council. Irina has been involved in productions of `Next - tishina`,` Brothers Karamazovy`, Komnata` `` Tsitata`.

His last big `sovetskuyu` Muraveva role played in the movie` The most charming and privlekatelnaya` (1985).

Recent years

In the 90 years Irina Muraviev virtually ceased to act in films. According to her, most of the roles that were offered, very poor quality. All the time she has devoted to the theater, only occasionally appearing on the screen. In 1993 Muravyov became an actress of the Maly Theatre, where she played in many famous productions. Among them - `Cherry sad`,` Wolves and ovtsy`, Chayka` `` Power tmy`.

In 2005, Muraviev consented to shooting in the television series` Not Born krasivoy`. On the role of mom Katie Pushkareva actress coped fine. Inspired by the shooting, Irina gave a great interview. According to her, this is not a movie and theater, and a completely new art. The film is almost no dramatic scenes, so the game has to sketches. At the end of filming, as the actress admitted she began to feel that she has no role, and everything happens in reality.

After `Not Born krasivoy` Muraveva co-starred in several films, the latest of which was the picture of` Chinese babushka` (2009). In addition to working in the theater and cinema Irina Muraviev program is `` on kruzhok` Theatre Children radio` and voiced cartoons. For example, it is the voice of Fox in Teremke` `,` frog in frog puteshestvennitse`, Solokha in the movie `The night before Rozhdestvom`.

In 2014, her husband died of a stroke Muravyova Leonid Eidlin. Surviving a heavy loss helped her sons Daniel and Eugene. Despite his age, Irina Muravyov continued to play in the theater, and sometimes appears on the screen, delighting fans with new interesting roles.

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