Irina Metlitskaya

Picture of Irina Metlitskaya

Date of birth: 05.10.1961

Age: 35

Place of birth: Severodvinsk

Citizenship: Russia

Bright Star Irina Metlitskaya

Author: Katherine Romanenkova

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Schedule for life

It has not been much written about. Maybe her life filled with family happiness, female fidelity, balanced behavior was not interested greedy for sensations and scandals press. Ira grew purposeful and calm baby. In a family, deprived of female happiness, it is understood that the future of a child is born, and so eagerly and integrity comprehended curriculum. She contradicted the brilliant future of physics and mathematics, but in the final year of life has made her the first gift - a once in class looked director Igor Dobrolyubov and saw a high school girl with sad eyes, invited her to the shooting of the film "Schedule for the day after tomorrow." This small role turned the entire life of Irene, and even playfully entered the Minsk University in the Department of Physics, the girl did not leave a dream to become an actress, but because a year later, taking the papers, went to Moscow, a naive but stubborn.

In the Shchukin School Irina entered once - life continued to bestow its gifts, admiring his own creation, a beautiful and talented .. A "creation" rather than relying only on natural dignity, work tirelessly!. For excellent study Ira received an increased stipend, and already in the fourth year she joined the fashion theater "Contemporary".

Then no one knew what "life calendar" was predetermined Metlitskaya fate, but everyone knew that this talented young actress to become a star. Oleg Tabakov, Ira saw in a tiny role, was fascinated: "She appeared on the stage and gone, but the impression left in me, I swallowed the sun atom". This felt everyone who has ever seen Ira on stage. Nine years have been given this theater, when followed by a proposal from the director, work with which many dream. Roman Viktyuk invited Metlitskaya play Nabokov`s Lolita! As a grown woman with two children, she was able to play a young girl - a fragile, brittle and at the same time terribly nasty, girl-death. She portrayed a doll, as the director wanted, but at the same time gave the viewer to feel that her character was not a doll. "I have seen the birth of stars, - says Sergey Makovetskii who played Irina in the play" Madame Butterfly "- This was behind me, because my character all the time staring into the hall corner of his eye, or even some kind of nerve endings me. felt her way to the stage. at this point, it fell in love all - men and women - it was a way out of the star. and then she got up the unthinkable: hanging on the bar upside down, scattering their chic hair on the floor, she made a long shocking monologue with which -That hooligan ease and audacity. she seemed all was easy, without any effort. "

The kids from the supermarket.

Remember, Irina, and in the "Contemporary". "It is very early matured as an actress - shares memories Leah Akhedzhakova -.. It all loved the theater, it was easy, brilliant, beautiful and always smiling I`ve never seen her gloomy, depressive, gloomy When it forgets that life difficult, I say: "Life is beautiful!" I saw began her love affair with Sergei, all occurred in the theater hallway, on the stairs and the way shone two black Serezhkina eyes, and how radiated Ira, it was clear that.. it is not just romance. it was amazingly beautiful union! ".

Sergei - is the husband of actress, actor and director Sergei Gazarov. They met with Irina when she just came to the theater, and lived together for fourteen years, giving birth to two wonderful sons. . "The first day I saw Ira, I remember, - says Sergey Gazarov -" Contemporary "went on tour in Minsk, on the train, I was informed that my partner is young, pretty actress from the" Pike "I thought." well, let it be, since pretty. "We arrived in Minsk, settled in the hotel. I am standing on the balcony and see - a girl walking down the street. I immediately realized that it was she, and so lost in contemplation, which is slightly off the balcony is not flew. and then we started to rehearse together, and it was found that:.. Irina for me very dear person I initially did not understand how to react to it beautiful women a lot - but it was not just "a beautiful woman", the secret was to her what dreams of any man, a mystery that you can not solve, and so want to, and because the desire to be close to the time only increases discouraged, I even she said. "I`m probably not the first person who is one of you stunned, say, ? what is your secret. "She replied:" It is not necessary to delve into this, if you know me to the end, all the charm of collapse. " We lived for fourteen years in a state of absolute happiness, and Ira remained a mystery to me. "

When only this union was born, Ira lived in a small room in a communal apartment in the Big Vlasyevsky lane. As you know, the neighbors are rarely enthusiastic about the late-evening visits by outsiders. And Sergey had come on a visit to Irene: through the window. Once vigilant guards caught the ardent lover and taken to the police station. And, then, having learned the truth, themselves and tucked it to the coveted window.

Their marriage was saying all the theatrical and cinematic Moscow, this marriage was beautiful! And harmonious, despite the apparent significant difference between them. And so he continued, and this had continued, first Nikita was born, and after two years, Peter. "It was amazing, no one even knew that Ira was pregnant, says Sergey - In July, we closed the season in the theater, went on vacation and came back in September, already with child. And the second one just appeared, during the holidays. Colleagues jokingly asked - in which the supermarket we buy the kids. " "She somehow knew how to do everything easily - shared Leah Akhedzhakova - and give birth easily and steer easily and have time to yourself to give the whole family and come running to a rehearsal She had a light breath ...."

No cause for jealousy

"The fact that this is an unusual woman, I realized at once, just to see her on set - says actor Andrei Sokolov, who starred with Metlitskaya in two scenes, -It seemed cold and reserved, but what passion, what a profound knowledge of life and something or something more, send her over, shone in her eyes! I think Bulgakov`s Margarita was just that: Surprisingly, Irina wanted to enjoy, admire, it was nice to talk to, but never had a desire to hit on her. And not because the next it was her husband - Sergey has always accompanied her on set I thought that such familiarity could hurt her -. that between Ira and Sergei unearthly love, to be seen with the naked eye. "

For Irina courted by men, but it is to treat this with polite coldness. She loved only her Sergei - and this is another gift of fate: the ability to love selflessly - a rare talent. And he scared her jealous, jealous partners on stage, was jealous of the bystanders, who threw her admiring glances, jealous and have found it anywhere in the globe. Sometimes Irina, leaving the shooting, did not know which hotel it will stop, but as soon as she crossed the threshold of the hotel, heard a phone call - Sergey called. She was jealous, jealous of her female happiness, her luck, her beauty, her ability to always look elegant, and her husband recorded almost a mafia. "We did not live luxuriously - objection Sergey - in his youth had to save on everything, and most Irina magnificent dresses were sewn and tied its own hands, even a suit for the wedding for me, she sewed herself She had golden hands, it is difficult to imagine. she did not know how to do that. I wondered how she had so much strength and energy. "

The revelation from above

A force has remained small. When a young, beautiful, brilliant Metlitskaya in 1995 came on the scene as the leader of the Moscow Film Festival, and no one had not occurred, that have confirmed the terrible diagnosis "acute leukemia" (blood cancer), delivered an actress. Until recently, only the closest knew Ira terminally ill - her sudden death surprised many. "We filmed together in the film" Black Veil ", - says Sergey Makovetskii - Irina was gay, without a trace of fatigue did doubles: only then I realized why she was so careful makeup to anyone and would not come, that it is not healthy ". She did not want to disturb others with their disease, I tried to stay cheerful and fun memory. She did, and the sobering sounded more bitter than the funeral of her mother`s words: "If you knew how hard it was dying, my daughter ..."

"One day - remembered Gazarov - when Ira did not know that she was ill, she somehow very carefully looked at me and said:" Do you know that you are my funeral, "I was shocked and tried to translate all a joke?. but look Ira broke off his thought - she was able to say look I saw in that moment her eyes flashed stop life as if someone from above it suggested the future: I always ask myself the question: "Do I have anything for her. ? made "- and my answers are terrible in matters of its treatment I alone made the decision, I received information from doctors, from our and foreign, traditional or any other, which is possible only: Maybe it can be cured, but then I did. did not know of such a process: Now I do not know: For me, the day of her death became my life point I am often asked how I survived I`m not experienced:.. it is impossible to go through this grief in me, it changes its form, manifestation, but lives on time does not heal, I did not become easier:. become worse, but I`m trying to deal with this for his sons.. They should not start life with a negative charge - they have a great life ahead "

Great, too, make mistakes, obviously, in this day of the Lord God was not very good mood, otherwise why he gave Death is this woman? Irina Metlitskaya died June 5, 1997, did not live exactly 4 months before his 36th birthday. This day is remembered by torrential rain - nature if realized his fatal mistake, then you go in the shower sobbing streams, quietly sobbing distant thunder, exhausted boring drizzling rain inconsolable. And in the morning the sun was shining on June 6, he started a new life, where two young sons stayed, a loving husband and dozens of unplayed roles. She went to the movies is not the best time, but managed to keep from vulgarity and consumer goods. She had to play characters Bunin, Turgenev, Chekhov, Tolstoy ... It could be: Anna Karenina, but did not: just do not have time. She is sensitive and transparent, would play any subtle movements of the female soul: But it did not happen ... And now it will never happen.

Someone said about it: "Leaving nature ..." She left, leaving those who knew and loved her with a sense of injustice and a sense of loss ... that and misunderstood it to the end in life. Maybe that`s why everyone is trying dosochinil it differently? So what she did was ...?