Irina Kokurina

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Citizenship: Russia


Educational activity.

Since 1972 conducts seminars, classes in spetspraktikume.S 1977. reads the general course of lectures "Social Psychology" program prof. G.M.Andreevoy at different faculties of Moscow State University: Journalism, philosophical, economic, and evening specials. Dep. Faculty of Psychology .With 1982 to 1988 and is developing a program. reads the course "Psychology on the industrial enterprises with 1996. reads the author`s course "The motivation of social behavior of the individual" for specialization students. ( optionally ). ". It teaches students in Special practical method of sociometric research.

He is a regular expert faculty and the All-Russian competition for the best thesis in psychology. Together with the leading researcher of the Department of Psychophysiology A.V.Vartanovym written handbook on the requirements for scientific work (course Diploma) students, published on the Internet.

Research interests

IG Kokurin are in the field of studying the motivation of joint activities, the study of semantic representations of everyday consciousness, the study of the impact of human semantic representations on his behavior, emotional state attitudes and value orientations. Established the concept and method of construction of motivational profiles "Dictionary" allows I.G.Kokurinoy carry out diagnostic studies in various fields of social and psychological practices: from the study of organizational culture and psychological environment of enterprises and organizations assess their innovation potential, psychological stability and involvement of employees in organization, to examine the relationship of semantic representations with social attitudes and value orientations of the individual. In 1984g.na Faculty PhD thesis was defended its psychology: "Socio-psychological aspects of work motivation."

Completed projects.

His projects and I.G.Kokurina studies carried out in different forms :, within commercial projects within the scientific leadership of diploma works of students in the organization of student research and production unit (1988.) As well as in the framework of international cooperation. (With former graduate of the Department of R.Noymann in Germany, Rostock). Applied research I.G.Kokurina spends with his students on a variety of businesses and organizations in the country: for example, a telephone exchange in the old Arbat in Moscow (I.Nikitina); garment factories in Moscow and Tiraspol (O.Turtygina, S.Bolshunova, I.Dubinina); Moscow enterprises "Hromatron" zlektromehanicheskom plant in Lianozovo; in different research institutes (L.Telegina E pearlescent.) g..Moskvy; assembly plant Kamaz in Naberezhnye Chelny (studios. detachment), in the laboratories of the Institute of Medical and is biological. problems (A.Vinohodova, S.Yatsenko); in the bank "Mortgage" (Yu Krylova, V.Lutskina, A.Bednenko); in private and public schools (E.Bulah, O.Bereznyak, B Novoderzhkin.); financial departments of Gazprom (L.Melnichenko); in suicidal center in Moscow (Sv.Kogen); in the detention center of one of the Moscow prisons (V. Lutskina) and others. institutions of our country ...

Under the leadership of I.G.Kokurinoy, with its developments in the field of motivation, in 2003. It was successfully defended at the Faculty PhD thesis A.V.Bednenko "manipulative installation in the professional activity of the manager."