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Year of birth: 1999

Age: 16 years

Citizenship: United States

Gold Jewelry from Hippolyta Rostagno

Jewelry brand `Ippolita` began its existence with a jewelry collection in 18 -carat gold, available in stores` Bergdorf Goodman` since 1999. Today, the line added to the famous collection -` ` Ippolita 925 of 925 silver and `Ippolita Rose` of` rozovogo` silver, made of sterling silver with 18 -? Karat gold, and then covered with 18 -carat pink gold.

The founder of the brand `Ippolita`, Hippolytus Rostagno (Ippolita Rostagno), was born on December 10, 1963 -th.Her parents, the American Helen (Helen) and Florentine Aldo (Aldo),were bright intellectuals who understand a lot about beauty and aesthetics. After her little family lived in New York City (New York), Rostagno in 1971 moved to a farm with thousands of years of history - in the Tuscan hills outside of Florence (Florence). In 1972-m serious impact on the world Hippolyta had a majestic beauty of the sculptures of Henry Moore (Henry Moore) on display at the Belvedere Fort (Forte Belvedere). Stunning wizard and picturesque countryside originated in Rostagno thought about what her life must necessarily be devoted to the art.

In 1982-m Hippolyte went to study at the Academy of Fine Arts (Istituto d`Arte). After emigrating to the US way of life brought her to Los Angeles (Los Angeles), where Rostagno founded the alternative dance company `Rime`, who has been researching the connection between poetry and dance.After receiving a bachelor`s degree in English literature in Oksidental-College (Occidental College), Hippolyte in 1986 moved to New York. Two years later, she welcomed the birth of his daughter - Maya (Maya).

Finally, in 1993 ,her love of beauty and the desire to create his own hands served excellent reason that Hippolytus started practicing jewelry design. In 1994 -m she founded a private design house and produced a collection of inexpensive jewelry for large retailers. The next six years of Hippolytus has not stopped improving and looking for a unique style,to initiate its exclusive line of gold products.

In 1999-2000. I was born the first collection of 18 karatnoo goldpublished on behalf of the brand `Ippolita`. By 2005 th was ready unusual line `IPPOLITA HOME`, which included bronze, ceramic and glass sculptures. In 2008, a new collection of silver `IPPOLITA 925 ?` Was met with great success.In 2010, the brand celebrated its `Ippolita` decade, and a year later Hippolytus presented his solo exhibition` Reliquary` in New York indoors `Highline Stages`, specially built to demonstrate the creativity of talented directors, photographers, artists and designers.Actress Bella Thorne (Bella Thorne) appeared at the premiere of `Love through vremya` (` Winters Tale`) in NewYork, adding to its image of `Ippolita` ring with diamonds and hematite. On the wrist of actress Halle Berry (Halle Berry) was spotted a ring bracelet `Ippolita` with various swirls of 18 carat gold.His preference for the brand `Ippolita` also given to celebrities such as Selena Gomez (Selena Gomez), Jessica Biel (Jessica Biel), Nikki Reed (Nikki Reed), Queen Latifah (Queen Latifah), Carrie Underwood (Carrie Underwood), Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba) and Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez)

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