Ioann Vyshatin

Picture of Ioann Vyshatin

Date of Birth: 04/04/1858

Age: 65

Citizenship: Russia


Born in the family priest with. Skopinsky Lopatino have. Ryazan province. Graduated Skopinsky control, Ryazan and Kiev YES DS (1884, candidate`s essay "The sermons of Innocent, Archbishop of Kherson and Tauride. Historical-critical essay"). In 1884 he appointed professor Stary control, a year later became a member of the board and the school clerk, and in 1891 was promoted to nadvoryah-Adviser. However, in the same year he was ordained a priest and appointed rector of the Nativity of the Baptist Church in Kiev Zverinetsky. From 1892 to 1917 he performed the duties of catechist Zvirynetsky Kyiv City College, 1892 - scribes Zverinetsky parochial school. From 1900 to 1917 regularly elected member of the Council 1 clerical department of the Kiev female school. There was also a member of the Diocese Council II district, since 1913 - an assistant dean of the same district. For special works, zeal for improvement Zverinetsky parochial school has been awarded from the Bible Synod also has a pectoral cross from the Synod of the Order of Anna II and III century. May 6, 1912 was elevated to the rank of archpriest.

December 28. 1908 at the zoo was inaugurated NRC department. Before the ceremony about. John held a service with the proclamation of Many Years to the Emperor, and all the kingdoms of the House of the Russian Power, as well as the Chairman of the NRC and the Provincial Department of Kanevsky Bishop Innocent (Yastrebov). After the prayer he made a short speech and the open department taught blessing iblagozhelaniya labor success for the benefit of the homeland, urging allies to creative work on the basis of law and order. `The meeting of founders and members of the department Zvirynetsky NRC unanimously elected him chairman of the local landlord Anton Emelyanovich Letneva, as honorary chairman - about. John. June 9, 1918 archpriest Vyshatin was transferred to the post of rector of Holy Cross Church in Podil. The last mention of it occurs at the beginning of 20`s.

T. Kalchenko