Ioann Bereslavskiy

Picture of Ioann Bereslavskiy

Date of Birth: 09/25/1946

Age: 70

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Born in 1946 in Moscow. He graduated from the Institute of foreign languages ??im.Morisa Torez (1970). He worked as a translator, taught English. Around the same time began his literary activity. For a long time, wrote "on the table", published only began in the late 80s. He had studied at the music school Ippolitov-Ivanov. After receiving a classical education, gradually he turned to faith and joined the True Orthodox (Catacomb) Church, avoiding the communist influence.

In 1985, John Bereslavskii ordained a priest of the True Orthodox (Catacomb) church since 1992. - Bishop. With the consecration of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, Metropolitan John Bondarchuk, Blessed John became heir to the mystical traditions of the True Orthodox Church, leading succession from Patriarch Tikhon and the Cathedral of Solovki New Martyrs, led by patriarch patriarch martyr Seraphim of Solovki, who spent 39 years in Stalin`s camps of the Gulag.

Currently, he is the spiritual head of the Russian Orthodox Church of Our Lady Sovereign (headed by Council of Bishops), is in communication with prominent intellectuals and religious leaders of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism in many countries.

For his spiritual growth has had a huge impact familiarity with holy molitvennitsey - oxbow Euphrosyne of Pochaev, which opened to him the beauty of practical asceticism, senile Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit.


In November 1984, it began to appear the first books of Blessed John the revival of holiness and spirituality in Russia.

The spiritual path of John Bereslavsky inseparable from his creative talents. He wrote poems. He belonged to the circle of Moscow poets 60s, was closely associated with Andrei Voznesensky, Bella Akhmadulina. He studied Hebrew, Greek. In his youth, before his conversion, he - the author of several novels and short stories, poetry collections, numerous theological, religious and journalistic and philosophical works. But sooner undecided religious aspirations quickly forced to break with the literary bohemia. There was a fascination with philosophy, Hebrew, Greek, ancient and medieval mysticism.

His work reflects the diverse palette soveremennyy disharmonious world with its holy fool damage and celestial heights. Perhaps this is why his spirituality (possessing certain "aristocratic craziness" celestial heights and simultaneously chivalrous generosity - Pushkin`s "mercy for the fallen"), his "sense of God" touches as the intellectuals and not "spoiled" the book culture of the youth.


In the early 90`s organized effort of like-minded charities and publisher who gained fame as the Center of the Virgin in Russia, legally - Socio-educational foundation "Mother of God Center", named in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary the Virgin - patron saint and patron of the Russian land.

The genius of prophetic thoughts and words of the master, the father of John has written numerous books and articles, several multi-volume publications, many of which were translated into other languages. Among them - 40 volumes of the Word of Our Lady - the unique live text revelations of the Lord and the Mother of God in Russia and around the world with comments and in the wording of Blessed John Bereslavsky. Together, employees and associates of his father John, prepared for publication by the annals of the Russian Revelation 7-volume book on the mysteries of the Second Solovetsky Calvary. Proceedings of the Blessed John bear the idea of ??the messianic destiny of man as the image and likeness of God, is revealed in the ineffable goodness, purity, beauty and avaricious life, ktoroy taught Francis of Assisi, St. Nil of Sora, St. Seraphim of Sarov, Leo Tolstoy and others.

After the fall of communism, an important factor bloodless events in Russia was the establishment of the father of John the revival movement "New Holy Russia", which included representatives of the thinking of intellectuals, priests, philosophers, and many others. others - all who are the heart and soul ached for Russia.

As a member of August 91 th event, he met with many political leaders in order to prevent bloodshed and violence, convincing them of the need to resolve the conflict peacefully.

John`s father`s active anti-Communist position was another reason for not imaginary ideals atheistic era, the call out of the crisis and spiritual stagnation, and turn to the true spiritual values. He was the first in Russia, who after the fall of the communist regime back to life natsionalntsyu idea - messianism of the Russian people through the assertion of the ideals of the New Holy Russia. His "divine call to the suffering Russian people of a return to the eternal axioms meaningful and active follow truth, morality, love and beauty of the Divine Providence, according to which the Russian nation should determine its future path."

He was one of the few who seriously analyzed and described the profound crisis of the modern church in the twentieth century. It was here, in his opinion, is the main reason of spiritual degradation of modern society. The breadth of his outlook and magnitude of the mind allow Blessed John not be confined to a single denomination, people or traditions, but many facets to reveal the spiritual path as a unity of spiritual, moral ideal of humanity, having universal human importance and significance.

post-communist period

Izvechen conflict of old and new world view, including his religious and ethical components. When the novelty and originality of Blessed John is not surprising existence opponents alleged against him "Failure to follow the fundamental requirements of the church and the canons." Thus, some representatives of religious traditionalism minded fundamentalist, because of personal interests betray his father John and his boycott of the proceedings, not wishing to recognize their own spiritual inadequacy.

The conflict of two world view at all times results in the fight to preserve the novelty of their identity and live individuality against the established framework and obsolete traditions, the dead circuits. This is related to numerous attacks followers of traditional religious institutions on the activities of Blessed John - as an instrument of the divine will, which opens to humanity the spiritual world as the ultimate reality of life.

To restore porazhennogrehom compromises of conscience and urges his father Ilan modern man. As the practice of the faith, it is inherent in a deep ecclesial and loyalty to high ideals of morality. He courageously and uncompromisingly defends his own point of view, creating a brand new quite complete in the various spheres of secular and spiritual life of society. In the writings of Blessed John no deliberate secularity, surface, which is characteristic of many researchers of religion and publicists, "outside" overseeing religious processes. His eyes are always internally justified and convincing findings and conclusions based HB-depth knowledge of the subject and timeliness prepodnosimye them spiritual vision.

writers, thinkers, prophets

Blessed John Bereslavskii is an outstanding researcher of world philosophy, an expert on events and revelations of Our Lady worldwide. He - the author of extensive research in Russia and the world famous people. To date, a multi-volume work of his works is a huge library, the study of which it is possible to spend a lifetime.

His books have been translated into different languages. They read with equal enthusiasm by people of different age, occupation and range of interests. Of great importance it attaches to the authenticity of the translation into the languages ??of the world sacred and spiritual texts, and our own research uses comparative analysis of Jewish cycle of ancient languages ??(such as the Torah, the Talmud, Mishnah, perks Abot), Bible, apocryphal writings of the Old and New Testament, ancient documents and manuscripts, writings of the holy fathers hristisanstva, zapadnyhi eastern mystics Hesychasts. It is available wisdom teachers of Sufism and Zen Buddhism. The climax of his spiritual research are the works of recent years devoted Teogamii (Bogosupruzhestvu), which discloses the purpose of coming to this world, and higher human purpose as the image and likeness of God - an introduction to the spiritual marriage with God, one in connection with the Divine.

People`s Artist of the Russian Federation, member of the Russian Academy of Arts Andrei Tutunov writes: "A huge library of books. John is the spiritual fount of modern society. In his books, he is the synthesis of years of mystical revelation of the Word of Our Lady around the world, reflecting the multi-faceted experience for centuries ... ".

His interest in the works of English biographers. As an outstanding thinker of our time Blessed John Bereslavskii among the elite intellectuals of the world - describes his activity English directory "Who`s Who", noting the particular contribution of Blessed John the treasury of the world community.

NEW shapes and styles

Blessed John created a new spiritual priesthood of Melchizedek school has trained hundreds of talented and gifted students over Wisdom. His students are bright thinkers, theologians and mystics, while continuing to develop the spiritual tradition of Slavic-teogamicheskoy spiritual school.

In the sphere of worship Blessed John developed the concept of a completely new approach to the liturgy, revealing the essence of the service in a variety of forms, making it accessible to ordinary people, and at the same time revealing to a new height of the depth and beauty of the liturgy, including embodies in new robes, banners and icons. Critical in worship has misterioznost, it includes plastic prayer as an expression of the language of the heart in the form of plastic movements.

The vocal and instrumental field he introduced a number of new expressive elements using a wealth of melody and phonetics of ancient and modern European languages, as well as new and unique system composed of church modes Glace. The creative art workshop of his students created masterpieces of painting and craftsmanship, development of new art forms and styles.

He presented a new concept of education for children and teachers, establishing the institution of the family. Based on this concept is poniamnii special education as an inspired knowledge of universal truths through the depths of righteousness, holiness, spirituality is the formalism and dogmatism, by instilling the love of learning, the teacher and the ability to achieve a deep dialogue.

spiritual leader and peacemaker

As the spiritual leader of the Blessed John has senile and prophetic charisma, as a church pastor - inherits the patristic tradition avaricious, selfless, and Spirit-bearing Orthodox Christianity svetotsentricheskogo, special attention is paid to the way of holiness through the practice of the holy fathers-ascetics.

Notably it is not only communication with other branches of Christianity, but also with other religions such as Islam, Buddhism, and others. In his circle of communication includes sheikhs, cardinals, religious leaders, politicians. Along with the open and dialogic affects his ability available and clearly present the divine message and the prophetic texts, with the disclosure of the mysteries of the deep and mystical heights. As a spiritual leader, he has traveled half the world, has spent a lot of conferences and meetings. At one meeting, the leader of Russian Muslims Heydar Jemal said that the father of John the invaluable experience and the Muslim world.

For his creative and social activity of Blessed John was awarded a number of international awards and honors. His contribution to the strengthening of the world has been repeatedly noted by the International Association "Lecturers for peace in the world" with UNICEF and UNESCO. His desire to unite the progressive Russian intelligentsia and spiritual creative resulted in the creation in 1995. in St. Petersburg, "the Independent Association of Russian religious writers and philosophers."


Probably not such a genre, which would not have worked as Blessed John. Divine sermons, exegesis, historical sketch, actual journalism, philosophical diaries, satire, spiritual tales and parables, the original mystical poetry, comparable to the Russian and world spiritual classics (remember Juan de la Cruz, "Pigeon book," Rumi, Tagore), study and translation of books of the Bible, dogmatic theology, aphorism, mystery ... and everywhere, even in the most serious and complex for the uninitiated reader works, there are specific to the author`s freedom and liveliness of presentation, clarity, and some unearthly illumination, transmitted in addition to the words.

Topics that are accessed by the author, are also quite diverse. First of all, it is the image of God, how He can see the modern man who knows the highest highs and lows of the spirit in the deepest abyss of nothingness, man bezumeyuschy if not from the devil`s temptations, then by divine ecstasy. Through the prism of vision of God (nothing like today do not find none of the theologians of the "traditional" schools) Blessed John interprets the history of the Universal Church, the relationship of the world religions, the secrets of the human soul and the spiritual path. This interpretation is always new, bright and deeply justified.

His book - LIVING Letter Books Ioann, as the author himself says, reflect the verge of a Gd "the Wisdom of the Universe", which brings together all the tissues and layers of being. The highest level of spirituality, the height of creative insight and depth of the prophetic vision, bring undoubted benefits activities of Blessed John. According to one historian of Russian culture, "found in his writings printing practical spirituality, a deep succession of images and the relationships therein reveal godfather mystical experience the greatest Russian saints, directly transferred to it from the living bearers of grace and blessings of the Solovki new martyrs."

A separate theme in the works of Blessed John - Solovki. In the XVIII century on the island of Anzer monk Jesus was the Holy Mother of God and said that this place will be erected a second Calvary Her Divine Son, and there shall flow rivers of blood. This prophecy was fulfilled in the years of Stalinist terror. A six-volume series of spiritual and historical essays "Solovki - Second Calvary" describes the phenomenon of the Russian Golgotha ??of the XX century. Solovetsky Golgotha ??- not an allegory, not a symbol or a metaphor, says the author, but the historical and spiritual reality, which has an extraordinary importance for the future of Russia and the world.

Among the books Ioann special category consists of heavenly revelation received from God and the Blessed Virgin Mary, the angels and saints through the spiritual "inner hearing". This unprecedented gift is rare these days. Collections revelations meet interested response from the mystics, theologians and religious intelligentsia of Russia and foreign countries. Many perceived with hostility, but the content and the phenomenon of these revelations is certainly important for the modern reader who is interested in issues of spirituality.

In Conclusion

For many obvious today: Father John - an outstanding representative of Russian religious intellectuals, embodied in his life, asceticism and creativity of its best quality: high culture, the broadest erudition, freedom and liberty of opinion, sincere pain for the fate of the fatherland and of civilization, wisdom and simplicity, prophetic force, allowing to see clearly the coming century. In recent years, a lot of Blessed John travels to European countries, North America and East Asian countries with a peacekeeping mission, where he does not get tired to learn about open his divine wisdom and universal spiritual truths.

Books of Blessed John now available to foreign readers whose interest is the activity of the blessed John, which has led to the emergence in Russia unrivaled in their scale Russian spiritual school.