Inna Bogachinskaya

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Date of Birth: 02/25/1946

Age: 70

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: United States


Born in Moscow. At an early age parents Bogachinskoy moved to Odessa. There Bogachinskaya Inna graduated from the Odessa School of Music and the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology of the Odessa National University. Mechnikov. "Evening Odessa" Journalistic activity began in the newspaper. The first poems were published in the "Ogonek" magazine. Her articles, essays and collections of poetry appear regularly in Republican and All-Union press. One of the first recognized Bogachinskuyu as a poet Andrei Voznesensky, a friendship which lasted until the last days. Poet Andrei Voznesensky highly of poetry Ina Bogachinskoy and put it on a par with "significant poetic figures of Russian abroad", such as Yu.Kublanovsky, A.Tsvetkov V. Betaki. "Like all the brightest talent, she confronts a wave, that is, if the fashion for neo-classicism, if fashion ancient symbols on the marble coldness in poetry, it is always a - says Andrei Voznesensky in the preface to the poetry collection Bogachinskoy" Reporting from a parallel world ".- I would say that this is the Moscow school of poetry that goes by Tsvetaeva, from paints, riot, the energy. And opposed to gloss, coolness ".

In 1991, the Encyclopedia Britannica Book Bogachinskuyu named one of the best Russian poets held abroad. In the same year Ina Bogachinskaya became the winner of the International Festival of Russian Art in Chicago. She was also awarded the title in New York, the poet.

Creativity InnyBogachinskoy included in the program of teaching modern literature at the Odessa National University. Mechnikov in the North Ossetian State University named after KL Khetagurova (Vladikavkaz). The study of poetry dedicated to her four diploma and several term papers, numerous articles and papers presented at scientific conferences. Literary critic Victor Finkel dedicated work of Ina Bogachinskoy one of the chapters of the book "Poets abroad", which was published in Philadelphia in 1999 year. Article about creativity Bogachinskoy included in the "Dictionary of Russian poets abroad", published in St. Petersburg in 1999. Dictionary compilers note in poetry Bogachinskoy combination and "Tsvetaeva intemperance feelings" and "rapture severyaninskoe themselves and life in general." "Her language is replete with words from the lexicon of the scientific and technical intelligentsia and neologisms, its themes are bold, frank and dramatic." However, note the "passionate publicistic, a sense of the tragic time of trouble in verse Bogachinskoy".

An article about her work has appeared in the United States published in the English language "Dictionary of Russian writers women" (English Dictionary of Russian Women Writers, Westport, Connecticut-London, 1999, Editor -. Professor Marina Ledkovsky).

Inna Bogachinskaya - author of five books of poetry and prose: "Poems" (1983), "subtext" (1990). "The fourth dimension" (1994), "Translation from Space" (1999), " Reports from the parallel world "(2007). A member of the South Russian Union of Writers.

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