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Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United StatesRecent innovations knitted

New York brand `Inhabit`, responsible for the production of unique knitwear, has staked his philosophy of the human body. Emphasis is placed on a thorough study of the proportions and fit for maximum figure. The company`s designers have created a `Inhabit` classic knitwear line ,not subject to capricious fashion trends, and used in cashmere and cotton, in harmony with all the lines, volumes and movements of the body.

Models knitted with drapery or more layers of `Inhabit` designed to emphasize the fluidity and ease. Knits wide range ,from cozy cashmere and wool fabrics for winter to ` ` dyshaschego` cotton and linen letnego` ready to replace each other to the needs depending on the time of year. Innovative developments in the structure of the fabric, in a line and each eyelet allow each holder of sweaters `Inhabit` feel its special softness and lightness ,which can not be mixed with other brands of jerseys.

For each season the brand `Inhabit` produces everything you need for everyday use, in the magnificent, slightly muted colors that a woman with a happy replenish your wardrobe and can easily combine new things with their favorite garments. As a star of international repute and a refined taste and inexperienced ordinary consumers seeking a simple and comfortable clothing, all sweaters prefer luxurious `Inhabit` - for their incredible wearability, flexibility and individual style.

Brand `Inhabit` - is the latest innovation jerseys ,where they coexist in harmony elegance of form and functionality, beautiful appearance of clothing and its ability to maintain and give warmth in extreme cold. Currently full line of clothing for women and men from the company `Inhabit` presented in small boutiques in Europe (Europe), Asia (Asia), Australia (Australia),Canada (Canada) and the United States (USA). In addition, you can make an order on the official website inhabitny.com.

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