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George Allen England in Russia virtually unknown. Meanwhile, he is in the world is considered one of the forerunners of modern science fiction -Although the list of books published by them is also a detective, notes about travel and even quite academic social studies.

George Allen England in Russia virtually unknown. Meanwhile, he is in the world is considered one of the forerunners of modern science fiction - though the list of books published by them is also a detective ,notes about travel and even quite academic social studies.

England was born in 1877 in Fort McPherson, New York, but has lived most of his life in Bradford (New Hampshire) . The first book - a collection of poems " under the branches " ("Underneath the bough") - he published in 1903, and the first story, which can be attributed to science fiction ," Reflector time " ("The Time Reflector") - two years later.

England More often remembered as the first American author of science fiction novels of socialist persuasion. Topics of socialism and the class struggle of the proletariat were his relatives and friends : in 1912 he even ran for governor of the state of Maine from the Socialist Party ,and in 1913 he published a book " Socialism and the law ", which assessed the applicability of the judicial proceedings at that time to the practice of the labor movement. Of course, he could not ignore the socialist ideas and in their artistic works.

Anyone who believes that the " anti-capitalist " invented fiction writers in Soviet Russia dvadtsatyh-thirties, badly wrong. George Allen England a half dozen years before it does use the same methods - and even building plots on the same fantastic ideas.


In the novel " Air Trust " ("The Air Trust", 1915), a group of capitalists trying to subtly establish a monopoly on the air of the earth `s atmosphere.Story Alexander Belyaev " Air Seller ", I remind you, was published only in 1929, after fourteen years.

In 1912, in the journal " Cavalier " was published novel Ingdenda " gold dust " ("The Golden Blight", was released as a separate edition in 1916) , whose plot on kakomu-the fateful coincidence reminiscent of another science fiction novel of the Soviet era, the Soviet Union recognized the absolute classics of the genre. The genius of a single emitter invented by John Storm, through which he could convert all the gold in the world no matter what no good powder. The engineer is trying to blackmail the capitalist bosses ,demanding an end to the war unleashed by them and threatening to destroy the gold standard in the economy. Tycoons led by the richest man in the world Van Horne Merchisonom raise Storm fun of and that includes his infernal machine. All the gold in Manhattan turns into useless dust, which is why beginning horrendous riots in the business districts. The rich are trying to kill the Storm, but fail. Wicked for gold " radiation wave " spread increasingly, the economy is falling apart before our eyes. However, there is a person who undertakes to save the dying capitalist world : Braunschweig Graf (Count here - name, not a title) , the richest in Europe, representative of the Jewish capitalbuys all the " gold dust " for silver. He suggests that over time, the destructive radiation will weaken and gold will regain its former properties, and then he alone will dictate prices in the world market of precious metals. Braunschweig collects all the redeemed in gold dust Huge underground storage facilities in Washington,and when gold really starts to recover, leading to fellow capitalists store to fully enjoy his triumph. But the precious metal covers (for some reason) a larger volume than the powder, and the shark capital are alive immured in gold. The global economic crisis leads to a proletarian uprising ,which ends with the complete and final victory of the working people.

The highest literary achievement of England and the best known of his works is considered to be a trilogy, "Darkness and Dawn " ("Darkness and dawn", 1914) - novels " Unused world " ("The Vacant World"), " On the other side of Oblivion " ("Beyond the Great Oblivion ") and" The reflection "(" The Afterglow ").Their action takes place in America, ruined some incredible cataclysm. Engineer Allan Stern and his secretary Beatrice Kendrick during a disaster fall into a mysterious lethargy and awakening after many decades of destruction and devastation in New York.Their adventures in the desert world and the slow revival of civilization constitute the main theme of the trilogy. "Darkness and Dawn " has become one of the paradigmatic works of the "post - catastrophic " fiction beginning of XX century, and even won in the expanded edition reissue in the mid 60s.

John Clute (John Clute) writes ,that although England and was one of the leading authors of the early magazine fiction, his works are often secondary to the work of predecessors - in particular, by HG Wells (Herbert George Wells), Garrett P. Serviss (Garrett P. Serviss) and Fitz - James About ` Brian (Fitz-james O`Brien).This "continuity " is characteristic for the entire pulp- literature focused on mass production and with a fatal doom rolling down to copy successful " samples " and samopovtor. England, for example, repeatedly returned to the theme of immortality and eternal youth ; this theme appears in the story " My turn, Annihilator " ("My Time -Annihilator ", 1909), the story" Behind the White Sea "(" Beyond White Sea ", 1909-1910) and" The Elixir of hatred "(" The Elixir of Hate ", 1911). However, in England and it was enough for her original notions of time : in the novel " Empire Air " ("the Empire of the Air", 1914) he described the invasion from a parallel world ,and the story " July 6, 2016 " dedicated " futuristic " theme of the emancipation of women.

Two major works of England are more or less directly related to the fiction : the plot of the novel " The Damned " ("Cursed", 1919) has a distinctly mystical tone, and political- science fiction novel " The Flying Legion " ("The Flying Legion",1920) talks about another unsuccessful attempt to gain power over the world.

In addition to fiction, thanks to which he has remained in the history of popular literature, England also wrote detective stories. Many of them even went separate editions - for example, "The Alibi" (police investigation, 1916) ,"The Gift Supreme" (the story of drug addiction and the criminal underground in 1917) , "The Greater Crime" (a novel about a wrongfully convicted who escapes from prison Sing Sing, in order to prove his innocence, 1917). He published it, and notes about his travels - in 1924 published his book " The Vikings iceor Notes of a novice of the great Newfoundland seal hunt "(" Vikings of the Ice, Being the Log of a Tenderfoot on the Great Newfoundland Seal Hunt ").

Although the name of George Allen England and is mentioned regularly in historical and literary works, his work is almost forgotten. Already in the late 10 - ies he ruthlessly pushed to the edge of the carpet pulp-heavyweight Edgar Rice Burroughs. During the twenties and thirties England still works reprinted in magazines, but in the second half of the 30th it is time to " young lions " and instantly it turns out that the style of his novels archaic and ridiculous. ..

The creator of the socialist fiction died in 1936. He had no way of knowing ,that the tradition of anti-bourgeois NF laid them bloom to full flower in the opposite hemisphere, that the history of the genius inventor, opposing the soulless world of capital, will be punctually published and republished in Russian up to the end of the millennium. ..

However, most likely,None of the later Soviet followers of George Allen`s England have not heard about it - nothing ever.

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