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Today, the young actress filmography consists of five roles, which, however, does not prevent the fans expect from her very, very much.

Joy Aili India (India Joy Eisley) was born in 1993 in LosAngeles (Los Angeles, California). It is known that her parents - people are very well-known in the film world. Father of India - actor and musician David Glen Isley (David Glen Eisley), mother - a popular actress Olivia Hussey (Olivia Hussey).


India - the niece of the famous actor Jonathan Erickson Aili (Jonathan Erickson Eisley).The very first time there was a girl in a movie with her mother in 2005, it was a fantastic thriller ` Mystery razuma` (` Headspace`). After a few more roles neznachitalnyh young actress got her chance - etobyl network series ABC Family Network ` Unknown to roditeley` (` The Secret Life of the American Teenager`).She played Ashley Jurgens (Ashley Juergens), sister of the main character of the series, Amy (Amy Juergens). The role of India has brought fame, making it one of the rising stars of small screen.

Aili soon managed to get on the big screen - in 2012 she appeared in the action movie ` Underworld: Probuzhdenie` (`Underworld: Awakening`),error status: 400error status: 400which almost immediately became attached to Robert, as if he belonged to this no. When the boy was 16 years old, he began writing and recording his own music ; after some time, the composition `Ice Ice Baby` was ready. Despite the relatively simple text, she received national prominence. Vanilla Ice (Vanilla Ice) - American rapper alias Robert Van Winkle (Robert Matthew Van Winkle), who was born in 1967 in Dallas, Texas (Dallas, Texas). From early childhood, Robert lived with his mother and her second husband, and her real father he has never seen. At the age of 13 years old man started breyk-error status: 400error status: 400called `Hooked`. The most popular is still enjoyed the song `Ice Ice Baby`, to create a clip of which was even allocated about 8 thousand dollars.

In 1990, Vanilla Ice has signed a contract with a recording studio `SBK Records`, which re-recorded the album ` Hooked`,changing the name to `To the Extreme`pomimo old songs on the record, a new material and developments. Under the contract, the studio artist obliged to participate in more advertising, but he did not want to Ice, which led to an early termination of the contract with the studio. Album `To the Extreme` became one of the most ` bystryh` best-selling hip- hop industry ; kidney plate immediately climbed to the top ranking `Billboard 200`, and spent several weeks in lderah many American charts. The album caused a strong reaction among critics - some publications, such aserror status: 400which, according to many publications, failed miserably. Falling into a depression, Vanilla Ice began abusing drugs, he also paid a lot of tattoos on the body, and after a while, and did try to commit suicide.

By the end of the 90s the actor was able to get away from drugs ,but with the music career he went wrong - Robert could not find a common language with the group `Picking Scabs`, which had big plans. In 1997, Vanilla Ayzhenilsya to Laura (Laura), whom he met at a party.

Soon, the musician has published a new album `Hard to Swallow`, which is the sameerror status: 400dnako shortly after the album release on the website `IGN.com` review appeared, calling the album ` shame ispolnitelya` ; The article also states that ` this place sound only of Aisa studio, or at least YouTube` service.

In August of 2009 Robert personal page, there was news about the conclusion of 6-year contract with the studio `StandBy Records`, which will release its sixth studio album. However, the release date is still unknown

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