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Year of birth : 1989

Age: 26 years

Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


This team, working at the intersection of det- and black metal, founded by former members of the "Blood thirsty death" guitarist Brett Makowski and bassist Aragon Amori with guitarist John Makenti (ex- "Revenant") and drummer Paul Ledneem (ex- "Connecticut cocksuckers ") . It was not long as Makenti left alone, as the rest of the trio broke away from him to organize his black metal band "Profanatica".

However, by March 1990, John formed a new version of "Incantation", includes Ronnie Deo (bass) , Sala Sage (guitar) and Peter Barnevik (drums) . This configuration is implemented and the first demo.

Makenti while simultaneously substituted for position "Mortician" and invited the group frontman Will Ramer stay on the single "Entrantment Of Evil", also released in 1990. Immediately after the sessions and Seiji Barnevik gone, and their places were taken by Bill Wenner and Jim Roe. Wenner did not immediately made friends with the rest of nature, and had to be put out the door. New member of the team was the former guitarist "Putrefact" Craig Pillard.

IncantationRamer that time has stopped cooperation with "Incantation", Pillard, and at the same time took over the vocal duties. The band released the single "Deliverance Of Horrific Prophecies" and held in the company of "Anal cunt" and "Phlegm" their first American tour. Staff turnover continued - in 1992 Deo replaced Dan Camp, and after the next tour, "Incantation" were left without a rhythm section. In August, 1993-of the group were Dave Nidrist (bass) and John Brodie (drums) . However, after the release of their debut album and subsequent European tour team understood the new blow - left Pillard. Moreover, together with Ronnie Deo and Jim Roe, he organized a competing project "Disciples of Mockery".

It came to ,which is one of the festivals, Craig and the company fulfilled all the rooms "Incantation" before you do it yourself "Incantation". The composition of the group, by the way, was again thoroughly shuffled. Now colleagues Makenti steel Duane Morris (guitar, vocals), Randy Scott (bass) and Kyle Severn (drums) . However, in the middle of the next US tour with Scott went the distance, and the remaining sets team rehearsed without a bassist.

IncantationDolzhnost that Mike Donnelly was busy at the time of the Mexican tour, and was then given the former participant "Malignancy" Kevin Hagsu. When the musicians came together to record a new album at the place of the microphone stand vacant again, and it was decided to invite Craig Pillard, but on a sessional basis. In the studio work he agreed, but on the next tour as sessionschika had to take Korchado Daniel (vocals, bass, guitar). The tour went well ,Korchado and asked to " postoyanku ", but six months later he changed his mind and went to create his project "The Chasm".

For some time vocal duties performed Tom Stephens, and then it was replaced by longtime friend "Incantation" Mike Saez, has repeatedly come to the rescue group. In 2001, the team parted ways with the label "Relapse records",He cooperates with all previous years and renegotiated the contract with "Necropolis". However, despite this fact and the many shuffling staff group has remained true to their brutal roots, which was confirmed by the album "Blasphemy".

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